Our Core Values

Squaremouth’s promise is to be the best place our customers have ever bought travel insurance. We believe this starts with being the best place our employees have ever worked. To accomplish these two goals, every part of our company is rooted in our core values.

These 12 values have been at the core of our company since Squaremouth was founded in 2003.


Everything we do, both on the website and over the phone is designed to allow customers to find the best policy at the cheapest price. Does the customer need to spend as much as they think they do? Continuously develop new ways to help the customer find the perfect policy at the lowest possible cost.

Continuously earn the right for the customer’s attention

Add value at all times. Communicate clearly and concisely. In difficult or unusual situations, do what’s right, take the high road. Our good name is far more important than fat profits.

Everything we have done up to today is sh*t

Don’t misinterpret this, we are incredibly proud of what we have achieved so far. However, what is great today will very quickly become obsolete if our innovation stagnates. That happens to others, not us. Continuously improve, make it groovy. Don’t over-engineer for the possibilities of the future. Don’t add needless features or complexity to our business or website. Find the elegant solution and we will stay way ahead of our competitors.

Strange is good, good is bad

Different, unusual, weird. All are excellent traits for Squaremouth staff, however, if you are just good and don’t aspire to be incredible, go work somewhere else.

Nothing to prove, nothing to lose, and nothing to hide

Egos can stay at the door. We deeply respect one another and recognize that everyone has different perspectives, strengths and opinions. No one has to hide what they think, believe or value.

F*ck it up

It’s okay to f*ck it up. It’s important to learn from your mistakes. Without learning from your mistakes, you are just f*cking it up. It’s how we react to, deal with, and learn from those mistakes that help make us incredible.

Be the reporter

Find the background to every situation. The more informed you are, the better position you will be in to help the customer or yourself. When you are faced with a problem or opportunity, be the reporter, dig for the information everyone else is too lazy to search for. Always question those who are certain of what they are saying. Do not just accept an answer. Answers can change.

You don’t need to raise your voice, ever

We expect you to be passionate about what you do. You should stand your ground and fight for what you believe in, but you should never, ever get angry. An angry person has lost control and is therefore profoundly weak. We know it’s important to debate and challenge each other’s decisions. However, once a decision is finalized, whether you agree or not, it’s important to support your colleagues. The first time you raise your voice in anger, you will be fired.

Love what you do, if you don’t, build yourself a new job

At Squaremouth, everyone is doing much more than the job they started with and most people are doing something different than what they interviewed for. Every employee has the ability to do anything they want to do. If your interests have changed and your creative spark needs igniting, go build yourself a new job!

You do not have the luxury to be neutral

Everything you do has an effect. There is never a time when something you say or do has no effect. You either improve your reputation or lower it, increase a customer’s perception of Squaremouth or decrease it. Make every interaction work in a positive way.

You are responsible for everyone else’s kids

Look after your colleagues before yourself. Be unselfish, your dedication to excellence with customers and within our team will generate profit. Profit will allow your colleagues to pay for their kids’ college.

It’s time you had a pay raise, prove you deserve it

Our raise process is a group effort, every employee has one vote. If you want a raise, make your pitch. If you get a majority vote, you got the raise! Repeat this cycle anytime. You will get your promotion or raise by impressing your colleagues every day, not your boss.