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Everyday, 24 hours per day
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Claims Hours Of Operation:
Everyday, 24 hours per day
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P.O. Box 43099
Birmingham, Alabama 35243
Fax: 800-863-3538
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Inside USA 800-527-7478 (toll free)
Outside USA 205-595-6626 (collect call)

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MedjetAssist Extended Stay, Annual Membership, MedjetAssist Short Term Plan

$1,000 tips shine a light on service

Squaremouth, a company that puts a focus on how to treat customers, rewards 20 who do the same.

Times Staff Writer

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Safe with our Zero Complaint Guarantee

Every travel insurance policy purchased through Squaremouth comes with the Zero Complaint Guarantee.

In the event of a complaint, Squaremouth will mediate with the insurance provider on behalf of our client.

Unless the complaint is resolved to Squaremouth's satisfaction, the provider will be removed from the website.

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