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Check These 4 Things Before Getting Travel Insurance For Your Alaskan Cruise

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. April 4, 2018 – Alaskan cruises are among the most popular vacations in the United States and many travelers look to travel insurance to protect their investment. Leading travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, breaks down coverage for travelers’ most common concerns.

What Happens If My Cruise Leaves Without Me?

Airline delays and cancellations can be unpredictable and may cause you to miss your cruise. Missed Connection coverage can help you catch up to your cruise if you miss its departure or, in some cases, if you’re delayed driving to the airport due to an accident or road work. Travelers can use this coverage to pay not only for transportation to join their cruise, but also for food, lodging, and missed excursions that occurred during the delay.

How Much Emergency Medical Coverage Do I Need?

Medical treatment and evacuation can be expensive on a cruise ship. With Alaska’s rural and smaller destinations, the need to be evacuated to a larger medical facility is also an expensive possibility. Squaremouth recommends at least $250,000 of Emergency Evacuation coverage and at least $100,000 of Emergency Medical coverage.

Are My Alaskan Adventures Covered?

Most Alaskan Cruisers have planned extensively for their once in a lifetime excursions but not all policies have coverage for these activities. Most policies will exclude coverage for the popular heli skiing, mountain biking, snowmobiling and water rafting, among many others. If you plan to take part in these adventure activities, consider getting the upgraded Hazardous Sports coverage.

Should I Check ‘Yes’ For My Cruise Line’s Travel Insurance?

Not necessarily. Most cruise lines offer travel insurance to their customers but policies aren’t ‘one size fits all’. Using a comparison site will allow you to sort through policies’ coverages and compare them side by side to get the best value. Generally, your cruise line’s travel insurance won’t cover pre-existing conditions and will only cover expenses purchased directly through the cruise line. Travel insurance purchased through a third party can cover travelers’ pre-existing conditions and will cover them from the time they leave home to their return, including delayed or cancelled flights.

For more information on travel insurance coverage for cruises, visit Squaremouth’s Cruise Travel Insurance Information Center.

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