Squaremouth informs travelers about events that are expected to have a major impact on travel. This is not a comprehensive list of all worldwide events.

California – Wildfires and Travel Insurance Information Center


  • Can I cancel my upcoming trip because of a wildfire?

    You could be covered to cancel your trip because of a wildfire, as long as you bought your policy before the fire started.

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  • When can I buy travel insurance to cover a wildfire?

    You can buy travel insurance with cancellation coverage for wildfires up until the day before your departure date.

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  • Am I covered if I have to evacuate because of a wildfire?

    Non-Medical Evacuation provides transportation from a place of danger to a place of safety during a natural disaster.

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  • What types of current events are covered by travel insurance?

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    Travel insurance can cover unforeseen events, including unexpected illnesses, terrorist attacks, inclement weather and natural disasters, and other events that cause a complete cessation of travel, such as a strike of a travel supplier.

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