Squaremouth informs travelers about events that are expected to have a major impact on travel. This is not a comprehensive list of all worldwide events.


  • What if my flight is delayed?

    In the event your flight is rerouted or delayed to avoid the potentially dangerous Sinai region in Egypt, insurance policies with the Travel Delay benefit may provide coverage.

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  • What if the crash is declared terrorism?

    If the Russian plane crash is deemed an act of terrorism, travelers may be covered to cancel or interrupt their trip, as long as the attack meets their policy’s specific terrorism triggers. These typically require it to have occurred within 7-30 days of the traveler’s departure, and in or near a city on their itinerary.

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  • What if I’m too scared to fly?

    While the threat of terrorism may leave travelers in fear, being too scared to travel is never a covered reason to cancel a trip under standard travel insurance policies.

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  • What if my flight is canceled?

    Standard travel insurance policies cover travelers whose flights are canceled for one of the policy’s listed reasons, which often include terrorism.

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  • Will travel insurance allow me to cancel my trip out of fear of traveling?

    If a traveler is scared to travel due to the recent Russian Metrojet plane crash, we recommend purchasing a policy with the Cancel For Any Reason benefit.

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  • Can I purchase a travel insurance policy after a terrorist attack?

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    Yes, you can purchase a travel insurance policy after a terrorist attack. However, in most cases, the policy will not cover losses related to the attack.

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  • Does travel insurance provide life insurance benefits if my plane crashes?

    Travel insurance may provide life insurance coverage if a traveler is dismembered or killed in a plane crash.

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  • When should I purchase a policy to be covered for a terrorist attack?

    If you are concerned about a terrorist attack affecting your travel plans, we recommend that you purchase a travel insurance policy as soon as possible. In order to be covered for any terrorist incident, a policy must be purchase before the attack occurs. Furthermore, some travel insurance providers on Squaremouth exclude any terrorist event if a terrorist attack has occurred in a city on your itinerary in a specified period before your policy’s effective date, usually 30 or 90 days. This means travel insurance must be purchased prior to any attack on a city in your itinerary.

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  • What coverage is available if there is a terrorist attack?

    Some Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption benefits include coverage for Terrorism.

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  • Can I cancel if it’s unsafe to fly due to terrorist threats?

    Unfortunately, standard Trip Cancellation will not provide coverage for travelers who cancel their trip due to a threat to transportation safety.

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