Last Updated: 01/07/17

This is a developing situation. This resource will be updated as additional information becomes available.

On Friday, January 6th, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport shut down after a shooter opened fire, killing five people and injuring many others. This attack halted all departures and arrivals at the Fort Lauderdale airport.

The Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting and Travel Insurance Information Center explains coverage related to the shooting and airport closure. This database is regularly updated by Squaremouth’s travel insurance experts with answers frequently asked questions, official provider position statements, travel alerts and notices, and other information as the situation develops. Information is subject to change at any time.

Questions? Squaremouth’s travel insurance experts are on hand to answer your questions about coverage for the attack in Berlin. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by chat and by phone at 1-800-240-0369.

If you are currently in Fort Lauderdale and affected by the airport closure, contact your provider's 24-Hour Emergency Assistance for help.

Due to the unique circumstances of this event, travel insurance policies may not provide coverage related to this event. Squaremouth explains what coverage may be available.

As of 1:00 p.m. EST on January 6, 2017, the airport shooting is no longer considered an unforeseen event. Any new travel insurance policies purchased after that point will not provide any coverage related to the event.


  • Am I covered to cancel my trip if my flight is cancelled because of the airport closure?

    Standard Trip Cancellation policies will likely not provide cancellation benefits due to the shooting.

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  • Will Cancel for Any Reason cover a cancelled flight because of the airport closure?

    Depending on a traveler’s scheduled departure date, the Cancel for Any Reason benefit may provide reimbursement for those who cancel a trip due to the shooting.

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  • Can I be covered while my flight is delayed due to the airport closure?

    Some travel insurance policies with the Travel Delay benefit cover any delay of the common carrier.

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  • Can I be covered I missed a connecting flight out of Fort Lauderdale Airport?

    Some travel insurance policies with the Missed Connection benefit cover any delay of the common carrier.

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  • Can I buy a policy for coverage related to the shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport?

    Policies purchased after the shooting and subsequent airport closure will not provide any benefits related to this event.

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