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Chile Earthquake – MH Ross

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MH Ross

Posted: 09/17/2015

A powerful earthquake struck off the coast of Chile on Wednesday, September 16th 2015.

Anyone currently traveling and in need of assistance should call the 24 hour emergency assistance number at 603-894-4710.  This is a collect call from anywhere in the world and available at all times.

This earthquake can be covered by MH Ross policies purchased on or before September 15th 2015.

An earthquake is considered a natural disaster.  Travelers should check their specific policy certificate to review coverage in the following categories:

Emergency Medical Expenses
Emergency Medical Evacuation
Trip Cancellation / Trip Interruption
Missed Connection
Trip Delay

Always refer to the certificate for your particular policy to see what specific coverages may be available.

Please contact MH Ross with any questions at 800-423-3632.  Our agents are available 24 hours per day and are happy to help.