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Fact Sheet: Squaremouth Explains Travel Insurance Coverage for Hurricanes

Fact Sheet: Squaremouth Explains Travel Insurance Coverage for Hurricanes

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Leading travel insurance comparison site Squaremouth explains travel insurance coverage for hurricanes.

Quick Look: Hurricanes and Travel Insurance

  • You must purchase the policy before the storm is named
  • There are specific requirements to cancel your trip due to a hurricane
  • Most policies cover additional expenses and lost trip costs due to travel delays
  • You may be covered to cancel if a hurricane hits your home before or during your trip
  • Medical, evacuation and interruption coverage available during your trip

Before Your Trip

Can I cancel my trip due to a hurricane?

Hurricane and Weather coverage allows you to cancel your trip if it is seriously impacted by a hurricane, as long as you had the policy in place before the storm was named. This coverage is triggered by specific events, including:

  • Extensive delay — Requires minimum of 12-48 hour delay of the common carrier, such as the airline or cruise line
  • Major damage to your hotel — Requires that your hotel or other accommodation is rendered uninhabitable
  • Hurricane impact at home — Requires that your home or primary residence be uninhabitable
  • Hurricane warning — NOAA warning in effect for your destination within 24-48 hours of departure – only available on some policies
  • Evacuation — Mandatory evacuation in effect for at least half of your trip

Cancel for Any Reason — This optional upgrade allows you to cancel without providing a reason for your cancellation, as long as you cancel at least 2-3 days before your departure. The upgrade can increase your premium by 40% and will only reimburse up to 75% of your trip cost.

During Your Trip

What if a hurricane delays my travel?

If your travel is affected by a hurricane, you can be covered for additional related expenses under the Travel Delay and Missed Connection benefits. These benefits have daily limits and become effective after your common carrier, such as an airline or cruise line, is delayed for more than 3-12 hours. Once you meet the delay requirements, you can be covered for:

  • Hotel stay or additional meals — Reimbursement for meals and accommodations during the delay
  • Missed portion of your trip — Reimbursement for unused, prepaid and non-refundable travel arrangements
  • Catching up to your cruise or tour — Additional transportation to catch up to a departed cruise, tour, or flight

What if a hurricane hits while I’m at my destination?

Contact your provider’s 24-Hour Emergency Assistance if you need help during your trip. Most policies include Trip Interruption, Emergency Medical, and Medical and Non-Medical Evacuation benefits if a hurricane occurs while you’re at your destination. You can be covered if:

  • You need to seek medical treatment — Medical Evacuation can cover your transportation to the nearest suitable medical facility, while Emergency Medical can cover your medical treatment
  • Your hotel is damaged — You may be covered to return home, and reimbursed for lost expenses from the rest of your trip, under the Trip Interruption benefit if your hotel is rendered uninhabitable by a hurricane
  • Your home is damaged — Under Trip Interruption on some policies, you can be covered to return home early from your trip if your primary residence is made uninhabitable by a hurricane
  • There’s an evacuation — Trip Interruption can cover missed travel arrangements and transportation home during a mandatory evacuation if you meet the policy’s requirements; some policies also include Non-Medical Evacuation coverage for transportation to the nearest safe location

This guide represents a summary of the coverage available based on more than 100 products available on Squaremouth.com. Coverage may vary, depending on the policy.