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Hurricane Matthew – Tin Leg

Hurricane Matthew – Tin Leg

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Tin Leg – Hurricane Matthew Travel Insurance Coverage Position Statement

Updated: 09/29/2016

On Wednesday, September 28 at 2pm AST, Tropical Storm Matthew was named a tropical storm and has since evolved into a hurricane with a path toward Jamaica and Cuba. An advisory was put out by the National Hurricane Center. 

What you need to know about your policy:
As of September 28, Hurricane Matthew is no longer considered an unforeseen event. Coverage related to the hurricane is not available for Tin Leg policies purchased after this date. Tin Leg policies purchased on or prior to September 27 may provide coverage related to the event, including Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption and Trip Delay benefits.

Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption coverage for Hurricane and Weather:
In order for an event to be covered under Tin Leg policies, the event must occur after the policy has been purchased and meet at least one of the following requirements:

– Result in the complete cessation of travel services at the point of departure or destination for the following specified amounts of time:
    – Tin Leg Economy policy: 48 consecutive hours
    – Tin Leg Standard policy: 24 consecutive hours
    – Tin Leg Luxury policy: 12 consecutive hours
– Accommodations at your destination are made uninhabitable
– Your or your traveling companion’s principal place of residence has been rendered uninhabitable
– A mandatory evacuation is ordered by local authorities at your destination. You must have 50% or less of your trip remaining when the evacuation ends to be eligible for this benefit.

Travel Delay coverage for Hurricane and Weather:
In order for a hurricane to be covered under the Trip Delay benefit within Tin Leg policies, it must meet the following requirements for minimum length of delay:

– Tin Leg Economy policy: 12 consecutive hours
– Tin Leg Standard policy: 12 consecutive hours
– Tin Leg Luxury policy: 6 consecutive hours

In addition to Trip Cancellation and Travel Delay coverage, other benefits, including Emergency Medical and Medical Evacuation, may also be available for coverage related to the hurricane.

In the event of an emergency, please contact Tin Leg’s 24 Hour Emergency Assistance department as soon as reasonably possible at:

Emergency Assistance Inside US: 844-927-9265 (Toll Free)
Emergency Assistance Outside US (Collect Call): 001-727-264-5657
Emergency Assistance Email: emergency@tinleg.com

In the event of a claim, please contact Tin Leg’s Claim department at 844-240-1233 or claims@tinleg.com.
Start your claim online: https://tinleg.com/claims/online

Please contact Tin Leg with any questions at 844-240-1233, we are delighted to answer any additional questions.