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CSA has released a position statement on the Tropical Storm Bill.

Posted: 06/16/2015

Tropical Storm Bill made landfall along the Texas coast on Matagorda Island at 11:45 a.m. CDT Tuesday, with top sustained winds of 60 mph.  Matagorda Island is located between Houston and Corpus Christi.  Although Bill has made landfall, impacts will continue from the storm and its remnants throughout this week.  The most serious impact from Bill is expected to be torrential rain and additional flash flooding/river flooding for parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri.  Gusty winds to tropical storm-force, coastal flooding, rip currents and isolated tornadoes are also threats.  Coastal flooding and wind gusts of 50 mph or greater have already been reported along parts of the Upper Texas coast.  Customers are strongly encouraged to read their Description of Coverage or Insurance Policy for details regarding their available coverage.  For plans that do offer coverage for adverse weather and natural disasters, please note that there is no coverage for this specific storm under any plans purchased on or after June 16, 2015.  Please contact CSA Travel Protection with questions.