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Winter Storm Thor – CSA

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Updated: 03/02/2015

Winter Storm Thor follows Sparta’s wintry mess with three distinct phases: 1) Rockies, Desert Southwest; 2) Midwest to Northeast; 3) Southern Plains/Deep South to the Northeast.  Named on Saturday, Thor will remain until later Thursday once the arctic front shoves the remaining snow off the East Coast.  Blizzard warnings have been posted in the prairies of western and southern Minnesota, as well as parts of the San Juan Mountains of southern Colorado.  Blizzard watches extend westward into central South Dakota.   Meanwhile, winter storm watches have been hoisted in parts of the South, ahead of Thor’s third phase beginning Wednesday.  Customers are strongly encouraged to read their Description of Coverage or Insurance Policy for details regarding their available coverage.  For plans that do offer coverage for adverse weather and natural disasters, please note that there is no coverage for this specific storm under any plans purchased on or after Saturday, February 28, 2015.  Please contact CSA Travel Protection with questions.