What if my flight or cruise is delayed or canceled due to Hurricane Matthew?

Travel insurance can cover many of your lost or additional expenses due to a cruise or flight delay or cancellation because of Hurricane Matthew.

You must have had a policy in place before the storm was named. (See provider position statements for more information specific to your provider.)

This coverage can include:

  • Trip Cancellation – You may be able cancel your trip if the hurricane causes your flight or cruise to be canceled or significantly delayed, typically by at least 12-48 hours.
  • Trip Interruption – If you continue on with your trip, you may be covered for the missed portion of your trip, including prepaid and non-refundable hotels or tours, due to the delay caused by the hurricane.
  • Travel Delay – Most policies will reimburse additional expenses, such as meals and accommodations, during the delay.
  • Missed Connection – This can provide coverage for additional transportation to catch up to your trip, particularly a cruise or tour, after a delay.

This information is time sensitive and may vary by policy. If you have questions about a specific policy, please contact us directly at 800-240-0369. Our customer service representatives are available 24/7 and are delighted to help.