Icelandic Volcano Bardarbunga

Tin Leg Position Statement – Icelandic Volcano Bardarbunga

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Updated: 9/2/2014

The Bardarbunga volcano erupted in Iceland on Saturday, August 30th, 2014. Any Tin Leg plans purchased after the eruption on August 30th, will not cover any losses related to the Bardarbunga volcano. As of Saturday August 30th, 2014, this incident is no longer considered unforeseen.

Travelers who purchased a Tin Leg, Economy, Standard or Luxury policy prior to the eruption, may be eligible for cancellation, interruption or travel delay benefits.

Tin Leg customers who have purchased a policy prior to Bardarbunga’s eruption are strongly urged to review their coverage as some benefits, including trip cancellation, interruption, travel delay and non-medical evacuation, may be applied to this situation.

Please contact Tin Leg with any questions at 844-240-1233.