Istanbul Terrorist Attack

Can I cancel my trip to Istanbul because of the terrorist attack?

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If you purchased a policy before the date of the terrorist attack, March 19, 2016, you may be covered to cancel your trip under the Terrorism cancellation benefit.

Some policies include Terrorism coverage within the Trip Cancellation benefit. This allows you to cancel your trip due to a terrorist attack that occurs in your departure city or a city listed on your itinerary. The attack must meet specific criteria to qualify for cancellation coverage, which varies depending on the travel insurance policy. Common requirements include:

  • Occurs in a city on your itinerary
  • Occurs within 7-30 days of your scheduled departure date
  • Occurs after you have purchased your policy and cancellation coverage has begun
  • Recognized as an act of terrorism by the U.S. Department of State

Please note that some policies exclude terrorism coverage if a previous attack has occurred in the same city within the past 90 days. The previous suicide bombing in Istanbul on January 12, 2016 could affect coverage on some policies.

Read through the terrorism coverage for each policy available on Squaremouth.

To determine if your specific policy covers the Istanbul bombing on March 19, 2016, contact your travel insurance provider to understand your coverage and, if necessary, begin the claims process. Contact information for each provider can be found on your certificate, as well as in our Claims information center.