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Updated: 02/20/2015

Our sympathies go out to those impacted by the violence in Copenhagen on February 1 5. RoamRight urges all travelers to be cautious, and review their travel insurance policy for coverage.

Regarding the threat of terrorism, RoamRight policies provide coverage for events within city limits that are identified by the U.S. Government as terrorist attacks and occur within 30 days of a traveler’s departure date. If a traveler is already in a city and a terrorist attack occurs, we will provide coverage to assist in evacuating them from that location.

Specifically, RoamRight’s policies allow for trip cancellation or interruption benefits if:
– The U.S. Government deems an event as a terrorist attack,
– The attack occurs after the traveler’s effective date of coverage,
– The attack is within the territorial limits of a city listed on the traveler’s itinerary, AND
– The attack occurs within 30 days of the traveler’s departure.

It is important to note that RoamRight’s standard travel insurance policies do not provide trip cancellation or interruption coverage for war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, civil war, or hostilities between nations (whether declared or not). To protect against those situations, RoamRight offers a Cancel For Any Reason upgrade that may provide coverage, provided the trip is cancelled 48 or more hours prior to departure.

Travelers who are in-country and experience a political emergency due to government or social upheaval may be protected by RoamRight’s Political Evacuation services, provided that the traveler and the situation meets the provisions outlined in the purchased RoamRight policy.

If you have any questions about your coverage, please contact RoamRight at 1-800-699-3845 or customerservice@roamright.com.