I’m traveling to Israel next week and my travel insurance policy includes coverage for terrorism. Are the current attacks in Israel covered?

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Depending on your policy’s specific requirements, you may be covered to cancel your trip due to the recent attacks in Israel.

In order for the attack to be covered, it must “trigger” the terrorism benefit. While each policy has specific triggers, most have the following standard requirements:

  • The incident must occur after the policy is purchased
  • The incident must be deemed “terrorism” by the US Department of State
  • The incident must occur in a city, or within a certain distance from a city, listed on your itinerary
  • The incident must occur within a specified time period of your arrival, usually within 30 days
  • There have been no recent terrorist attacks prior to your effective date, usually within 30 days

In order to determine if your specific policy covers the recent attacks in Israel, Squaremouth recommends contacting your travel insurance provider as soon as possible to learn your coverage and potentially begin the claims process.

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