Last Updated: 01/12/16

On January 12, 2016, a suicide bombing occurred in Istanbul’s central historic district.

The Istanbul Bombing and Travel Insurance Information Center contains a collection of resources including travel insurance provider position statements, FAQs, and travel alerts related to the bombing in Istanbul on January 12, 2016. Travel insurance position statements and FAQs included in this Information Center are subject to change at any time.

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Fact Sheets and Press Releases

  • Travel After the Istanbul Bombing: Squaremouth Answers Travel Insurance Questions

    ST. PETERSBURG, FL January 12, 2016 — The terrorist bombing of a tourist area in Istanbul may cause concerns among travelers with upcoming trips to the destination. Squaremouth, a leading travel insurance website, answers the top three questions about travel insurance coverage related to the Istanbul bombing.

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What types of current events are covered by travel insurance?
Can I purchase a travel insurance policy after a terrorist attack?
Can I cancel my trip because of the terrorist attack?


  • What types of current events are covered by travel insurance?

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    Travel insurance can cover unforeseen events, including unexpected illnesses, terrorist attacks, inclement weather and natural disasters, and other events that cause a complete cessation of travel, such as a strike of a travel supplier.

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  • What travel insurance will allow me to cancel if I’m afraid a terrorist attack may occur?

    Only a policy that includes the Cancel For Any Reason upgrade will cover you to cancel due to fear of a potential terrorist attack.

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  • Can I cancel my trip because of a terror threat?

    Standard travel insurance policies do not provide coverage to cancel due to the threat of terrorism.

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  • Does the Istanbul bombing meet the travel insurance definition of terrorism?

    Yes, as of January 12, 2016, the Istanbul bombing meets the travel insurance definition of terrorism as it has been declared an act of terrorism by the U.S. Department of State.

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  • Can I buy a policy with terrorism coverage for future travel to Istanbul?

    Travelers can purchase policies for future travel to Istanbul that may provide coverage for unforeseen terrorist attacks, unrelated to the bombing on January 12, 2016.

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  • What if I’m afraid to travel?

    Choosing not to travel due to fear is not a covered reason within the Trip Cancellation benefit. Trip Cancellation coverage is designed to provide coverage for unforeseen events outside of the traveler's control.

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  • I’m currently in Istanbul. Am I covered to return home early from my trip?

    You may be provided coverage to interrupt your trip and return home early if you purchased your policy before January 12, 2016, and your policy includes Terrorism coverage.

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  • Can I cancel my upcoming trip to Istanbul?

    If you have purchased a policy before January 12, 2016 you may be covered to cancel your trip under the Terrorism cancellation benefit.

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  • Can I still buy travel insurance for my trip to Turkey?

    You can still purchase a travel insurance policy for future travel to Turkey. Many policies will still include coverage for any future terrorist attacks. However, policies purchased on or after January 12, 2016 will not provide coverage for losses relating to the bombing in Istanbul, as it is no longer considered to be an unforeseen event.

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  • Can I purchase a travel insurance policy after a terrorist attack?

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    Yes, you can purchase a travel insurance policy after a terrorist attack. However, in most cases, the policy will not cover losses related to the attack.

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