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Updated: 03/23/2015

Trawick International considers an event to be a terrorist attack if the government where the occurrence took place declares the event to be an act of terrorism.

Trawick International Safe Travels Medical policies do not exclude any acts of terrorism. If you become sick, injured, or die due to a terrorist attack you are covered.

Trawick International Safe Travels Trip Cancellation policies can provide coverage in the event a trip is cancelled or interrupted due to a covered terrorist attack.  The terrorist incident must:

1)      occur after the start date of your trip cancellation coverage;

2)      in a city listed on your itinerary; and

3)      within 30 days of your scheduled arrival.

If you purchased a policy before the event and Sana’a is a city listed on your travel itinerary, you can be eligible for a refund, if your trip is cancelled or interrupted due to this specific event.

Political Evacuation benefits are available to plan members who are currently in Sana’a and would like to leave.  Please contact GBG Assist for more information 877-916-7920.  Please view your plan details for more information.

If you are a Safe Travels member traveling in Sana’a and you have questions you can contact Trawick at 888-301-9289 or via email at requests@trawickinternational.com.