Squaremouth Explains Travel Insurance Coverage for the Norovirus Outbreaks

ST. PETERSBURG FL Feb. 1, 2017 — Norovirus outbreaks have historically been common on cruise ships, but this year, there have been several cases of outbreaks throughout the United States. Leading travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, answers four common questions about travel insurance coverage related to the Norovirus.

Can I still purchase coverage for the Norovirus?
Travelers can purchase a policy to include both the Trip Cancellation and Emergency Medical benefits as long as they are healthy and have not been exhibiting symptoms or diagnosed with the Norovirus when the policy is purchased.

What if I get the Norovirus before my trip?
The Trip Cancellation benefit can provide coverage to travelers who become ill and need to cancel their trip. In order to be covered, they must be able to provide medical documentation from a licensed physician prohibiting travel.

What if I get the Norovirus while on my trip?
Travelers who become sick during a trip may be covered for the related medical expenses and even the Medical Evacuation costs to return home early if medically necessary.

Can I cancel my trip if I’m worried about getting the Norovirus?
Fear of contracting the Norovirus is not a covered reason to cancel a trip under standard Trip Cancellation policies. However, travelers who purchase the Cancel For Any Reason upgrade can cancel for a reason that is not otherwise covered, including fear of contracting the virus.