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Hurricane Lane – Provider Position Statements

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Squaremouth’s travel insurance providers give their official position statements in response to Hurricane Lane, which became a named storm on August 15, 2018.


Hurricane Lane was named a tropical storm on Wednesday, August 15, 2018, and developed into a hurricane on Thursday, August 16 in the Pacific Ocean.

IMG members who purchased a travel protection plan may receive trip cancellation, trip interruption, missed connection or travel delay benefits if their travel plans are affected by this event.

Trip Cancellation can reimburse nonrefundable trip payments in the event of cancellation due to:

  • Your or a travel companion’s home or destination being made uninhabitable by fire, flood, burglary or a natural disaster (additional terms apply);
  • Your or a traveling companion’s place of employment is rendered unsuitable for business by fire, flood, burglary or a natural disaster and you or a traveling companion is required to work as a result;
  • Inclement weather that causes complete cessation of services for at least 6 consecutive hours of the common carrier on which you are scheduled to travel;
  • A government-mandated shutdown of an airport or air traffic control system due to a natural disaster;
  • You or your traveling companion is in the military and called to emergency duty for a national disaster other than war;
  • Up to 7 days mandatory evacuation ordered by local government authorities at your trip destination (or official public evacuation notices or recommendations without a mandatory evacuation order issued) due to adverse weather or natural disaster; or
  • A cancellation of your trip within 24 hours of your scheduled departure date and time if your trip destination is under a hurricane warning issued by the NOAA National Hurricane Center, provided the cancellation of your trip occurs more than 14 days following your effective date of coverage for the trip cancellation benefits.

Other benefits may also be available depending on the type of coverage purchased and the specific circumstances of the loss. Please refer to the plan for complete terms and conditions of coverage. This is a brief description of coverage provided under [form type] [form number] and is subject to the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of the plan. Please see the plan for complete details. Coverage may vary or may not be available in all states.

In event of a claim please contact us at: iTravelInsured Claims Department P.O. Box 88503 Indianapolis, IN 46208-0500 Telephone: 1.866.243.7524 or 1.317.655.9798 Fax: 1.317.655.4505 E-mail:

For general inquiries please contact us at: iTravelInsured Agency Services
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Tin Leg

On August 15, 2018, Hurricane Lane became a named tropical storm. The storm has developed into a Category 5 hurricane, and is heading toward Hawaii.

What you need to know about your policy:
As of August 15, the storm is no longer considered an unforeseen event. Coverage related to the storm is not available for Tin Leg policies purchased after this date.

Tin Leg policies purchased on or prior to August 15 may provide coverage related to the event, including Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption and Trip Delay benefits.

Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption coverage for Hurricanes:
In order for an event to be covered under Tin Leg policies, the event must occur after a policy has been purchased and meet at least one of the following requirements.

  • Inclement weather resulting in the complete cessation of travel services at the point of departure or destination for the following specified amounts of time:
    • Tin Leg Economy policy: 24 consecutive hours
    • Tin Leg Standard policy: 24 consecutive hours
    • Tin Leg Luxury policy: any delay or cancellation of travel
  • Accommodations at your destination are made uninhabitable or inaccessible
  • Your or your traveling companion’s primary residence has been rendered uninhabitable or inaccessible

Travel Delay coverage for Hurricanes:
In order for a hurricane to be covered under the Trip Delay benefit within Tin Leg policies, it must meet the following requirements for minimum length of delay:

  • Tin Leg Economy policy: 12 consecutive hours
  • Tin Leg Standard policy: 6 consecutive hours
  • Tin Leg Luxury policy: 6 consecutive hours

In addition to Trip Cancellation and Travel Delay coverage, other benefits, including Emergency Medical and Medical Evacuation, may also be available for coverage related to the storm.

In the event of an emergency, please contact Tin Leg’s 24 Hour Emergency Assistance department as soon as reasonably possible at:

Emergency Assistance Inside US: 844-927-9265 (Toll Free)
Emergency Assistance Outside US (Collect Call): 001-727-264-5657
Emergency Assistance Email:

In the event of a claim, please contact Tin Leg’s Claim department at 844-240-1233 or Start your claim online:

Please contact Tin Leg with any questions at 844-240-1233, we are delighted to answer any additional questions.