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HCC – Zika Virus Travel Insurance Coverage Position Statement

Posted: 02/12/2016

HCC Medical Insurance Services is actively monitoring the growing issue of the spread of the Zika virus. With some of the worst consequences affecting fetuses and pregnant women, we encourage mothers to be, and those that may be pregnant, to reconsider any non-essential travel to the countries and regions mostly affected.

For those that must travel to these areas, as a mostly mosquito-borne virus proper precautions should be taken, including: mosquito repellant; long sleeve/pants apparel; mosquito nets; and avoiding areas with temporary or permanent stagnant water. If infected, travelers insured with our international travel medical products can expect to receive treatment for it as any other illness or injury, with coverage for both acute emergency care as well as physician office visits and prescriptions.

If and when the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issues a Level 3 Travel Warning for a specific country or countries for the Zika virus, treatment for the virus would not be covered for travel to that country originating within 6 months after the date of the warning. For those in-country at the time of the warning, failure to depart within 10 days of the issuance will also render coverage for the virus excluded. Please note that if we are contacted by the member within 10 days of the issuance, evacuation to the nearest warning-free country, or the member’s home country, would be covered under the Political Evacuation benefit included in all of our international travel medical policies.

All members can keep abreast of the latest developments through their Client Zone portal. For questions regarding your coverage please contact our World Service Center at  800-605-2282, or dial collect from anywhere in the world at +1-317-262-2132.