We’re Here and Fully Staffed
Although sales are down over 90%, we will do anything we can to help our customers during these uncertain times. We have not made any cuts to our team to ensure we are fully available.
Increased Customer Support
In addition to maintaining our entire staff, we have heightened our focus on our “front line” customer service and claims departments by increasing staff and hours of operation.
The Future of Travel Insurance
We are closely monitoring travel trends, and understand traveler behavior is shifting. We’re working daily with our providers and underwriters to account for traveler’s evolving concerns.

We’re Here to Help You Through These Uncertain Times

These are unprecedented times, and we, like you, have felt the immediate impact on the travel industry, as well as the economy and the rest of the world.

As our customers are acutely aware, travel has virtually grounded to a halt. Although our business is down more than 90%, we remain 100% dedicated to our customers.

We understand that unfortunately, many companies have no choice but to lay off or furlough employees. We have taken steps to allow us to keep every member of our staff employed.

Squaremouth has pledged to keep all of our 39 employees on staff full-time, without any layoffs. We are diligently working to support every employee so they can better serve our customers, while preparing our company for the future of travel.

We are all looking forward to traveling again. In anticipation for that time, we remain hard at work now, focusing on long-term solutions, rather than taking shortcuts today that will only provide short-term relief.

We’re Doing Everything We Can to Improve Your Experience

In addition to maintaining our entire staff, we have heightened our focus on our “front line” customer service and claims departments by increasing staff and hours of operation. We are maintaining constant communication with all of our providers to understand their coverage for this evolving scenario so we can help you as quickly and accurately as possible. We have also made multiple website improvements to better help our customers find the coverage they need for future trips.

Squaremouth has taken the following steps to further help our customers during these unprecedented times.

Increasing our customer service staff: Customer service is part of everyone’s job at Squaremouth. Every member of our team is trained in customer service from day one, ensuring we all have a detailed understanding of our customer base and doubling the size of our customer service staff. We have increased our availability for customers by implementing “all hands on deck” coverage, when every employee – regardless of department – will be available for customer calls and chats. It is our goal to make sure we are readily available to help customers at any stage of their trip, whether they are a current policyholder or looking for coverage.

Expanding our claims team and hours: We understand many of you have had your trip canceled for reasons out of your control, and are filing travel insurance claims as a result. We have added members to our claims team, and expanded our hours of availability, to provide the most efficient experience for you.

Communicating with our providers: In order for us to be as helpful as possible for our customers, it’s vital that we are aware of coverage and processes within the industry. We are in constant communication with every single one of our travel insurance providers to make sure we are up-to-date with their current coverage for this evolving situation. As any changes or updates are implemented, we ensure all of our employees are fully trained immediately.

Updating our website: We know almost all of our customers look for answers online. To provide the same level of support online as customers receive over the phone, we’re continuously adding new features to improve the search process. This includes implementing help text throughout our website and quote page to explain what coverage we recommend and what providers are still available, and adding new search filters to help customers quickly search for the specific coverage they need. At the beginning of the outbreak, we implemented the Coronavirus Travel Insurance Guide, this is regularly updated with answers to your frequently asked questions and provider coverage statements.

Contact Us at Your Convenience, We’re Available Seven Days a Week

Customer service has always been our number one priority. We will remain fully staffed and available seven days a week. Even though sales are significantly down, we have not made any cuts to our team to ensure we are completely available to help our customers.

However, these are unusually busy times for the travel industry as a whole. We acknowledge it may take longer than usual to reach our customer service agents, however we will be available to answer all calls within a few minutes during our hours of operation. We are also happy to call any of our customers at their convenience.

If you have any questions relating to travel insurance, please contact us at 800-240-0369. We are available from 8am to 10pm ET, seven days a week, and are delighted to help!

We Are Preparing for the Future of Travel

Although we don’t know when travel will be safe again, we are making preparations now for what the future of travel could look like. Based on what we’ve seen and heard from you, we are anticipating a considerable shift in traveler concerns.

We are already working with our providers and underwriters on new products that will apply to the new and evolving concerns of travelers. This may include creating new benefits specific to viral outbreaks to help travelers find the coverage they need, and developing products specifically tailored to domestic travel as we continue to see an increase in the number of travelers planning trips within the U.S.