Do travel partners receive commission on policy modifications?

No. Any changes made to an existing policy are done directly with the provider. Squaremouth does not handle or track policy modifications or cancellations, and we do not receive additional commission if a policy’s premium increases as a result of a modification. Therefore, we are unable to pass on the earnings from a modification to a travel partner.

Why are some providers not listed on the Squaremouth website?

Some providers are not on our website due to administrative reasons. However, we are happy to recommend them to anyone who inquires, as they are reputable companies who are well-known for their travel insurance products. If a customer wants to purchase a policy from one of those providers specifically, they will need to do so directly with that respective provider.

What should I do if I have general travel insurance coverage questions?

You can call Squaremouth’s customer service department at 800-240-0369. Our licensed agents are available between 8AM and 10PM ET daily, and are delighted to help! Alternatively, you can email your questions to A travel partner team member will respond to your questions within one business day.

What should I do if I have trouble logging into my account?

If you are having an issue logging into your account, verify that you are using the following URL: Occasionally, travel partners attempt to log into Squaremouth’s customer portal instead of the travel partner portal. Your login information is the email address and password that was entered when you created your account. If you do not remember your password, select […]

How can I make changes to my account details?

You can log in to your travel partner portal to make changes to your account details. To log in, please use the following URL: Within your account, select “Edit” under the Account Information section of your dashboard, update the necessary fields, and select “Update Affiliate”. Updated information will be reflected in the Account Information section immediately. Our travel partner […]

What should I do if I have payment questions?

If you have questions about a payment, please contact our travel partner team directly at 800-240-0369, ext 6121, or email us at If we miss you, a member of our travel partner team will research your account and follow-up with you within one business day. You may also log into your travel partner portal to view your payment details.To […]

When do travel partners receive payment?

When your account reaches at least $50 in reconciled earnings, we will make a payment via your choice of ACH to a U.S. bank account or check to a U.S. address. Payments are made 6 weeks after the end of the month in which the sale was made. This allows Squaremouth enough time to receive commission statements from our providers, […]

How do I provide my license information to Squaremouth?

You can email a PDF of your license to A member of the travel partner team will verify your license and update your account. You will receive a confirmation email when the account has been updated from fixed tier to 20% percentage commission. You will remain on the fixed tier program until the license is received. The fixed tier […]

How can travel partners receive a percentage commission instead of a tiered referral fee?

Only travel partners who have a valid insurance license can receive a 20% commission for sales made through their account. All new accounts default to the fixed tier payment structure until we receive licensing information. To ensure proper commission can be paid on sales, licensed travel partners must email a PDF of their active insurance license(s) to A member […]

How does the travel partner link work?

When you sign up as Squaremouth partner, you will receive an email with your specific travel partner link. This is required in order to credit online sales to your account. Upon signing up, you can begin earning commission immediately on all sales made through this link. There are three ways you can promote your specific travel partner link: Embed the […]

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in becoming a Squaremouth travel partner, you can sign up at the link above, or by visiting . Once you sign up, you will receive an email with further information, including your specific travel partner link and your travel partner ID number, both of which are required to receive commission. You will also receive your […]

What type of commission is offered to travel partners?

Squaremouth pays commission in two ways: percentage and fixed tier. Your commission is determined by your insurance licensing. Licensed travel partners are eligible for our percentage commission structure, which pays a 20% commission for all sales attributed to your account with no maximum. Non-licensed travel partners will fall under our fixed tier referral structure, which pays a fixed referral credit […]

How do I receive commission payments?

Squaremouth pays commission by ACH or check. You can choose your preferred method of payment when signing up. You can log into the travel partner portal at any time to update your payment method or payment details. To log in, please use the following URL:

What should I do if I have not received credit for a sale?

Please contact us directly at 844-646-1507, or via email at with a list of the missing sale(s). Our travel partner team will research the sale(s) and follow up with you within one business day. Your travel partner portal will reflect all sales that were processed through your travel partner link. If you notice a sale that is missing, it […]

How can I review my sales and payment history?

You can access your sales and payment history at any time by logging into your travel partner portal. To log in, please use the following URL: To view all sales activity associated with your account, select the “Sales by Date” report. To view all payments made to you, select the “Payment History” report. If you have sales or payment […]

How do I contact the travel partner team?

You may call or email the travel partner team with any questions. Our dedicated team is available weekdays between 8am – 4pm ET, and are delighted to help. Phone: 844-646-1507 Email: If you have a general question about a travel insurance policy or benefits, please contact our customer service department. Our licensed agents are available between 8am and 10pm […]