Travel Partner FAQs

How does the travel partner link work?

Last Updated: April 2, 2020

When you sign up as Squaremouth partner, you will receive an email with your specific travel partner link. This is required in order to credit online sales to your account. Upon signing up, you can begin earning commission immediately on all sales made through this link.

There are three ways you can promote your specific travel partner link:

  1. Embed the link on your site. In addition to links or buttons on your site, we provide a variety of advertisement banners;
  2. Embed our search form in an iFrame on your site;
  3. Send your URL directly to your customers.

You can obtain your travel partner link in the “Account” section of your travel partner portal.

The appearance of does not change if you are viewing the site from a travel partner link. However, you will automatically receive credit as long as your link was used to generate the quote. Our system uses the link to place a cookie on the user’s browser, which creates a “hidden tracker”.