Zika Virus and Pregnancy – Coverage FAQs

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What if I’m pregnant and don’t want to travel?

A CDC alert is not a covered reason to cancel a trip on standard travel insurance. If you are pregnant and don’t want to travel or are afraid to travel due to the Zika virus, it is not a covered reason to cancel your trip for reimbursement.

Can I cancel my trip to a Zika-affected country if I become pregnant before my trip?

While no policies include coverage to cancel your trip due to your destination being a Zika-affected country, some policies do provide cancellation coverage for travelers who become pregnant after purchasing a policy, regardless of their destination country.

What travel insurance will cover me if I become pregnant before my trip and don’t want to travel?

Some policies provide cancellation coverage if you become pregnant after your policies effective date, which is the day after you purchase your policy. Click the link above to see which policies provide this coverage.

What if I become pregnant on or after my trip?

Most travel insurance policies exclude coverage for medical expenses related to pregnancy, unless there are complications to the pregnancy. If you become pregnant during your trip and experience a complication of pregnancy, this may be included in your coverage.

If you contract the Zika virus, and become pregnant while traveling, you may be provided medical coverage. Emergency medical coverage for an unforeseen illness is included in medical coverage regardless of a pregnancy.

Does the Cancel For Any Reason benefit allow me to cancel my trip due to the Zika virus?

If a traveler has a policy that includes the Cancel For Any Reason benefit, they can cancel their trip for any reason at all, including fear of contracting the Zika virus.

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