Immigration reform back on track

Published by June 29, 2007

President George Bush’s dreams of implementing sweeping immigration reforms remained alive yesterday as a bill, considered central to his plans, was given a vote of confidence by the Senate.

The legislation will tighten border security and offer a means for extant illegal immigrants to lawfully find work in the USA. Senators agreed overwhelmingly yesterday to revive the legislation, after an unsuccessful debate on the topic three weeks ago.

It must still pass a number of procedural hurdles before being implemented, but the bill is being touted by the president as an “historic opportunity” to tackle an emotive topic that divides much of the country.

Other measures drawn up as part of an immigration revamp include a significant boost in the number of H1B visas issued each year to the leading overseas talent.

Primarily used by the information technology industry, H1B permits are issued to foreigners with top qualifications earned at American colleges.

Everyone who is lucky enough to secure work in the USA with an H1B visa is reminded to invest in visitors insurance.

Contributed by J.Bevan