American firms rekindle calls for H1B boost

Published by July 4, 2007

Businesses in the States are lobbying the Senate to resurrect elements of the derailed immigration reform, demanding that more H1B visas be made available for skilled foreigners.

The H1B visa is primarily used by information technology companies to bring the best talent to work in the USA, but demand for new recruits currently outstrips the supply of permits and executives are pushing for change.

Around 65,000 H1B visas were issued this year.

This annual cap would have risen to 130,000 had the immigration bill been sanctioned in the Senate, but businesses want this ceiling lifted to 195,000 in order to encourage the leading employees from overseas to work in the USA.

“We’ve got a lot of companies who want to create a lot of new jobs and keep a lot of good people in the country,” Ralph Hellmann, senior vice president of the Information Technology Industry Council, told USA Today.

Non-Americans lucky enough to secure work in the USA should remember to invest in visitors insurance, which can provide essential financial respite and support should plans turn sour.

Contributed by J.Bevan