Security threats fail to deter Independence Day travelers

Published by July 5, 2007

Well over 41 million Americans are expected to travel at least 50 miles from home this week as Independence Day fever sweeps the nation.

Security has been tightened after foiled car bombings in London and an attack on Glasgow Airport, but this week is still on track to be the busiest Fourth of July vacation period on record.

The threat of terrorism is failing to discourage most travelers, who are determined not to let an extremist minority spoil their long-harbored plans. As many as five million Americans will head for the airport, though most will travel on four wheels.

New York major Michael Bloomberg said that security provisions had been stepped up at the country’s busiest public places in light of the ongoing threat.

“We clearly have ratcheted up a little bit, focusing on those places where we think there might a heightened risk,” he told the Associated Press. “But nobody’s really sure.

“My advice to everybody is to enjoy the weekend.”

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Contributed by J.Bevan