Fresh welcome for newest American citizens

Published by July 6, 2007

Immigrants who work in the USA and want to become a fully-fledged American citizen will now be involved in an updated naturalisation process.

One hundred new citizens taking part in a naturalisation ceremony at the National Constitution Center this week were the first to watch a short film entitled A Promise of Freedom: An Introduction to US History and Civics for Immigrants.

The 12-minute presentation highlights the important role played by immigrants in modern American society and their past contributions, expounding both the rights and responsibilities of citizens.

“As a nation, we have a responsibility to prepare those who are new to our shores to fully participate in our society and our government,” commented Emilio Gonzalez, director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

“The freedom we enjoy is the promise that citizenship holds for immigrants to the United States.”

Before earning full American citizenship, new arrivals who work in the USA are reminded to secure visitors insurance, which can provide invaluable protection in a number of scenarios.

Contributed by J.Bevan