Congress to boost US tourism

Published by July 10, 2007

A host of senators in the US are to come together in a bid to boost tourism to the US from Europe and beyond.

As well as providing funding for advertising campaigns in Britain and elsewhere, the money will be used to look into extending visa waivers and making US immigration and customs less arduous for visitors ? good news for those looking to work in the USA.

Promotional material is expected to focus on America’s tourism heavy-hitters, such as New York City, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, theme parks in Florida or the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Travel agents sending visitors heading to any of these attractions will be expected to provide or point out visitor insurance deals.

The senators said that the campaign will mainly be interested in raising visitor numbers from countries that already have a proven enthusiasm for visiting the US.

The six countries that provide the country with the most tourists are the UK, Japan, Germany, France and South Korea.

Visitors to the US should not leave home without visitor insurance.

Contributed by J.Coggans