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Congress to boost US tourism

Published by July 10, 2007

A host of senators in the US are to come together in a bid to boost tourism to the US from Europe and beyond. As well as providing funding for advertising campaigns in Britain and elsewhere, the money will be used to look into extending visa waivers and making US immigration and customs less arduous […]

Microsoft reminds Senate of need for H1B talent

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The demand for talented overseas employees to work in the USA has been highlighted by the fact that Microsoft is planning a development centre north of the border, in Canada. The software manufacturing giant is a leading recruiter of educated foreigners via the H1B programme and attracts thousands of so-called ‘aliens’ to work in the […]

Fresh welcome for newest American citizens

Published by July 6, 2007

Immigrants who work in the USA and want to become a fully-fledged American citizen will now be involved in an updated naturalisation process. One hundred new citizens taking part in a naturalisation ceremony at the National Constitution Center this week were the first to watch a short film entitled A Promise of Freedom: An Introduction […]

Security threats fail to deter Independence Day travelers

Published by July 5, 2007

Well over 41 million Americans are expected to travel at least 50 miles from home this week as Independence Day fever sweeps the nation. Security has been tightened after foiled car bombings in London and an attack on Glasgow Airport, but this week is still on track to be the busiest Fourth of July vacation […]

Thousands of new Americans for Fourth of July

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Over 4,000 new American citizens will be welcomed to the States in a series of ceremonies to mark the 231st anniversary of the Fourth of July this week. Staff with the Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) are responsible for the naturalisation of thousands of foreigners who come to work in the USA each year and […]

American firms rekindle calls for H1B boost

Published by July 4, 2007

Businesses in the States are lobbying the Senate to resurrect elements of the derailed immigration reform, demanding that more H1B visas be made available for skilled foreigners. The H1B visa is primarily used by information technology companies to bring the best talent to work in the USA, but demand for new recruits currently outstrips the […]

Bush bill derailed, but chances to work in USA remain

Published by June 30, 2007

American president George Bush suffered a setback yesterday as his sweeping plans for an immigration revamp were derailed in the Senate. The highly-contested bill fell 14 votes short of the required total of 60. Opportunities for foreigners to work in the USA are not dashed by the news, but illegal immigrants already in the country […]

Leading employers of overseas staff named

Published by June 29, 2007

Two American senators have published a list of the top 20 firms to make use of L1 visas in the fiscal year just passed. Several of the leading employers of L1 applicants also boast the highest uptakes of H1B visa holders. Multinational companies use L1 visas to bring their finest overseas talent to work in […]

Immigration reform back on track

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President George Bush’s dreams of implementing sweeping immigration reforms remained alive yesterday as a bill, considered central to his plans, was given a vote of confidence by the Senate. The legislation will tighten border security and offer a means for extant illegal immigrants to lawfully find work in the USA. Senators agreed overwhelmingly yesterday to […]

Visa boost to coincide with tighter border controls

Published by June 27, 2007

In return for a rise in the number of H1B visas issued to foreigners seeking work in the USA, border controls will be stepped up to include biometric checks. Ten airports across the States will require overseas arrivals to provide digital fingerprints later this year as part of a pilot scheme. As security is tightened, […]