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Visa bill proposes easier access to residents' families

Published by June 25, 2007

A bipartisan coalition of Republican and Democrat senators is suggesting that family members of US residents should have easier access to work in the USA. The new proposal is a foil to the revised immigration bill lined up by president George Bush. Pandering to popular consensus, it rejects calls to grant visas to the millions […]

Technology leaders confident of higher H1B visa cap

Published by June 20, 2007

America’s technology industry is confident that the Senate will vote to boost the H1B visa quota for foreign engineers and programmers seeking work in the USA. A spokesperson for the Information Technology Industry Council (Itic) said that business leaders had been “heartened by the progress made” in Congress on the immigration reform, albeit protracted. One […]

UFW becomes latest to demand more visas

Published by June 19, 2007

The United Farmers Workers (UFW) union is the latest organisation to lobby the Senate for a boost in the number of visa available for immigrants to perform seasonal work in the USA. Farms in the States are regularly on the look-out for agricultural workers to perform essential seasonal tasks and sector representatives are concerned that […]

B1 visas are a viable alternative to H1B

Published by June 17, 2007

Business leaders are turning in growing numbers to B1 visas, as opposed to the coveted H1B permits, in an attempt to attract more foreigners to work in the USA, according to reports. Though B1 licences limit overseas employees to stay in the States for a shorter period than the H1B, there is no cap on […]

Bush hints at more open visa system for eastern Europeans

Published by June 15, 2007

George Bush has hinted on a visit to Bulgaria that work will commence to open up the possibilities of greater visa access for eastern Europeans going to work in the USA. The US president was visiting the Bulgarian premier, Georgi Parvanov and reiterated his support for reforming the visa entry system so eastern Europeans can […]

USA visa reform regains momentum

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American senators yesterday agreed on “a way forward” in protracted immigration talks, paving the way for new legislation that will permit thousands more foreigners to work in the USA. The accord came shortly after president George Bush had set aside an additional $4.4 billion to bolster border security in the States. Democrat leader Harry Reid […]

American visa requests surge in Doha

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Applications to work in the USA are certain to have increased with the news that there has been a visa request surge in Doha recently. In fact, there has been a massive 92 per cent increase for non-immigrant visas since the beginning of 2007, according to the Peninsula Qatar. Tim Ponce, consul at the US […]

Task Force announces foreign worker initiatives

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The Task Force on New Americans has unveiled four new initiatives to help immigrants assimilate into society after securing work in the USA. The first is, the federal government’s new official website for overseas workers, while the three remaining new projects will help arrivals learn English, “fully become American” and embrace American civic culture. […]

Senate agrees to distribute 200,000 temporary visas per year

Published by June 11, 2007

Senate officials voted this week to place a five-year limit on a new programme that provides temporary visas to foreigners who want to work in the USA. The amendment was passed by the narrowest of margins. Once active, the new visa system will help up to 200,000 overseas applicants find short-term work in the USA. […]

USA to hand out visas on merit

Published by June 10, 2007

Senators in the American Congress are proposing a new visa system based on merit, whereby applicants earn points for their employment background, education and skills. The latest scheme is designed to make it easier for the best candidates to work in the USA and proponents of the plan contend that it is in the best […]