Los Angeles Times, Aug 1 2016 – Two travelers planned a three-day layover in Istanbul but soured on the idea. What can they do?

Published by Megan Singh August 2, 2016

It is hard to protect yourself from the unexpected. It is not hard to protect your investment from the unfathomable, especially with at least one new option.

Yes, I’m talking about travel insurance. Before you exclaim, “That woman is a shill for the travel insurance industry,” let me assure you I am not.

I am, however, an advocate for the leisure traveler, and I read too many letters from people who lost their investment when they didn’t have to.

In talking again with representatives for InsureMyTrip.com and Squaremouth.com, sites that allow you to compare travel insurance policies (there are others, too — Google to see them), I have slightly different advice and information for those who still want to roam the world — but with a backup plan in their back pocket:

— I used to say, “Read the policy.” Now I say, “Call and talk to a live human being.”

No one wants to spend time reading a 50-page policy that may be filled with the indecipherable.

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