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All Not Lost for Flood Victims Who Had to Cancel Travel Plans, Says Travel Insurance Comparison Site, Squaremouth

All Not Lost for Flood Victims Who Had to Cancel Travel Plans, Says Travel Insurance Comparison Site, Squaremouth

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ST PETERSBURG, FL October 16, 2015 — The devastation caused by severe flooding in South Carolina ruined more than homes for some. Squaremouth, one of the nation’s leading travel insurance comparison sites, fielded questions and concerns from residents forced to cancel pre-planned trips due to flooded homes. Fortunately for those with a travel insurance policy, they may be covered.

“People tend to think only about travel insurance in terms of their destination, but there are things that happen at home that can also affect travel plans,” said Squaremouth CEO Chris Harvey. “If a family has to cancel their vacation because their home is flooded by a storm like that in South Carolina, travel insurance may help them to get back the money they spent on their trip.”

For residents who have had to cancel their travel plans due to the flooding of their home, many travel insurance policies may reimburse 100 percent of their prepaid and nonrefundable trip costs under the Trip Cancellation benefit.

Those who were already traveling and had to cut their trip short due to the flooding of their home will also be covered under the Trip Interruption benefit of many travel insurance policies. This benefit reimburses the cost of their return home, as well as unused expenses from the rest of their trip.

To be eligible for either of these benefits, travelers must have purchased the policy before the flooding occurred, and the flooding must have rendered their primary residence uninhabitable. In some cases, the policy may stipulate that the event must have happened within a certain amount of days of the traveler’s departure date.

Travel insurance cannot make up for the property damage and losses caused by these floods, but it can help ease some of the financial burden on those who have had to sacrifice their travel plans to deal with the destruction.


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