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The Wrong Cruise Insurance Could be Costly, Warns Squaremouth

Published by November 2, 2010

ST PETE BEACH, FL November 3rd 2010 – Having the wrong travel insurance for a cruise could mean significant financial loss at sea.  Travelers should not assume one policy is as good as the next, especially when it comes to cruises, warns, America’s fastest growing travel insurance comparison website. “Medical evacuation coverage could be […]

Medical Tourists Infected By Indian Superbug Would Be Excluded From Travel Insurance, Squaremouth Warns

Published by August 20, 2010

ST PETE BEACH, FL August 23rd, 2010 – A new antibiotic-resistant superbug isn’t the only risk to Americans who travel abroad for cheaper surgery or medical treatment: ‘medical tourism’ typically is excluded from travel insurance coverage — and is grounds to deny any claim arising from the trip, not just for health-related expenses, warns, […] Leaderboard First Half of 2010: Top Carriers Insure Higher Trip Costs, CEO Says

Published by August 16, 2010

ST PETE BEACH, FL  August 16, 2010 – Travelers are insuring more expensive trips compared to the first half of 2009. The top travel insurance carriers gained market share with creative pricing. This shifted the Squaremouth sales leaderboard; Travelex, CSA and Travel Insured, respectively, ranked as the best-selling insurers for the first half of 2010. […]

When to Buy Travel Insurance: Waiting Too Long Might Mean No Coverage

Published by

ST PETE BEACH , FL  August 16, 2010 – “Why doesn’t my quote include any policies that cover pre-existing conditions?” is one of the most commonly asked questions to, America’s fastest growing comparison website for travel insurance. Often, it is because the traveler waited too long to get a policy. Many travel insurance plans […]

Look Closely at Natural Disaster Coverage in Travel Insurance, Squaremouth Chief Executive Warns

Published by July 14, 2010

ST PETE BEACH, FL July 14th, 2010 – Recent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have people taking a closer look at whether to buy travel insurance. But travelers should be extra cautious now because situations they might assume are covered, may not be, warns, America’s fastest growing travel insurance comparison website. “Always check the fine […]