Bankrate, Feb 23, 2021 – Should I purchase travel insurance?

Bankrate, Feb 23, 2021 – Should I purchase travel insurance?

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When purchasing travel insurance makes sense

Purchasing travel insurance makes the most sense when you’ve invested a lot of money in a trip upfront, or when it’s required by a destination or a tour operator.

According to SquareMouth, there’s a growing list of international destinations requiring travel insurance for entry. For example, if you want to go to Thailand in 2021, you’ll need to prove you’re insured for at least $100,000 of coverage for COVID-19 related medical treatments.

If you’re planning travel as part of an organized tour, you’ll likely also be required to get a travel insurance policy. Kelly Lewis, founder of Damesly Travel explains, “You just can’t plan for everything, and travel insurance helps to ensure that your trip doesn’t get ruined when life throws a curveball your way. As a tour operator I require my guests to get travel insurance for precisely this reason. The small amount you pay upfront pales in comparison to the treatments and services you may require if something goes really wrong.”

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