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Berlin Christmas Market Attack: 4 Answers for Travelers From Squaremouth

Berlin Christmas Market Attack: 4 Answers for Travelers From Squaremouth

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ST PETERSBURG, FL December 20, 2016 — Following the Dec. 19 truck attack at a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany, Squaremouth established a travel insurance information center to answer questions about coverage for the attack.

Can I still buy travel insurance for my upcoming trip to Germany?
Travelers can still buy a policy for their upcoming trip to Germany. However, policies purchased on or after December 19 will not include coverage for the attack. This means travelers can no longer buy a policy with the intent to cancel their trip because of the Christmas market attack.

Those who want to insure an upcoming trip to Berlin should review each policy’s Terrorism coverage before making a purchase. Some policies exclude coverage for terrorism if a prior attack occurred in the same city within the past 30-90 days.

Can I cancel my trip to Germany because of the attack?
Travelers may be covered to cancel their trip to Germany if they had a travel insurance policy with Terrorism coverage in place before December 19. Typically, travelers must be departing within 7-30 days of the attack, with plans to visit Berlin or a nearby city, in order to cancel their trip.

What if I’m afraid to travel to Europe because of the attack?
Fear of potential terrorism is not a covered reason to cancel on standard travel insurance policies. Only travelers with the Cancel For Any Reason upgrade can cancel their trip out of fear of traveling. This upgrade significantly increases the cost of a policy and is only available within 14-30 days of a traveler’s first booking for their trip. It also requires travelers to cancel at least 2-3 days before their trip, and they will only receive partial reimbursement of their trip cost.

What should I do if I am currently in Germany?
Travelers currently in Germany should contact their travel insurance provider’s 24-Hour Emergency Assistance department. Affected travelers may be covered to return home early if the attack meets their policy’s Terrorism coverage requirements.

Visit Squaremouth’s Berlin Christmas Market Attack and Travel Insurance Information Center for regularly updated official provider position statements, answers to frequently asked questions, and more information about travel insurance coverage for the attack. Travelers with additional questions can contact Squaremouth’s team of licensed travel insurance experts, who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by chat and by phone at 1-800-240-0369.