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Business Observer, December 19th 2014 – Holiday spirit in full gear

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Squaremouth, a St. Petersburg-based software firm that compares travel insurance products and prices, is redefining naughty and nice this holiday season.

Squaremouth employees compiled a list of 20 customer service employees, people they encounter at local shops and restaurants who are at the top of the field. Each one will receive a thank you note for a job well done with $1,000 cash — no strings attached. “We are looking for people who gave us a really good experience,” says Squaremouth spokeswoman Megan Moncrief. “These are people who go above and beyond.”

Squaremouth co-founder Chris Harvey, saying he wanted service employees to “know their hard work has not gone unnoticed,” came up with the plan earlier this year. Squaremouth staffers, from Harvey on down, have kept notes on their favorites over the past few months. In December they went out to personally deliver the big tips.

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