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CNBC, October 6th 2015 – Are you covered for hurricane damage?

Published by October 6, 2015

Terms matter — some policies may kick in only if the hurricane means your flight is canceled or your destination is “uninhabitable,” he said. Look for a cancel-for-any-reason policy, which lets you back out of a trip for pretty much any worry. Costs can range from 4 to 12 percent of the price of your […]

Fortune, September 30th 2015 – 100 Best Workplaces for Women

Published by September 30, 2015

The online resource for travel insurance has two office locations: St. Petersburg, Fla. and Fort Wayne, Indiana. Women account for half of its 27 employees. The company gives everyone a bonus each quarter, based on company profits. All employees receive unlimited paid vacation after one year on the job, and must take off at least […]

Tampa Bay Times, September 25th 2015 – Innovative work space helps St. Petersburg tech company lure talent

Published by September 25, 2015

In downtown St. Petersburg, online travel insurance company Squaremouth has a billiards table, napping room and keg with local beer on tap. Employees don’t have assigned desks. They sit on the floor, on sofas, at tables or on the balcony with their laptops. Read the full article online here:

CBS, September 9th 2015 – What Travel Insurance Really Covers

Published by September 10, 2015

Travel insurance typically costs about 4 to 8 percent of the total trip. But it was money well spent for Cody. You can shop and compare prices for travel insurance at, and Read the full article online here: 

INC. Magazine, August 13th 2015 – The 2015 INC. 5000

Published by

Squaremouth An online company that compares travel insurance products from every major provider in the United States. Travelers are able to quote, compare and purchase travel insurance plans using Squaremouth’s comparison engine and over 20,000 customer reviews. Squaremouth by the Numbers: 2015 Inc. 5000 Overall Ranking: 2,703 3 Year Growth Percentage: 153% 2014 Revenue: $4.6 […]

Condé Nast, August 7th 2015 – Why You Should Consider Splurging for Travel Insurance

Published by August 10, 2015

To find information, start by comparing policies at, SquareMouth, or, and review the membership plans offered by the evacuation and crisis response specialists. The coverage you purchase also depends on what your personal insurer provides in your destination country—be sure to check with your provider or agent. Like anything else you buy, what […]

Huffington Post, August 3rd 2015 – Medicare Options for Retirees who Travel

Published by August 3, 2015

If you want additional emergency medical coverage when traveling abroad, some good shopping sites are and, which compare policies from major travel-insurance companies. Prices vary considerably, ranging from under $100 to several hundred dollars depending on your age, what they cover and how long you’ll be away. Read the full article online here:

USA Today, June 4th 2015 – Do you need travel insurance? Use this checklist

Published by July 28, 2015

How to buy We recommend buying through one of the several independent online agencies that specialize in travel insurance that provides comprehensive search and comparison systems. Among them: InsureMyTrip QuoteWright SquareMouth Trip Insurance Store Read the full article online here:

USA Today, July 27th 2015 – The plain truth about cruise insurance

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But if you’re considering insurance, it pays to look at what’s covered and what’s not and to make sure what you’re getting from the cruise line is the best deal. You may be better off going with a third-party travel insurance company. “You may find a more comprehensive policy for a cheaper price,” said Megan Singh, […]

Florida Trend, July 17th 2015 – We Throw Them Right In

Published by July 17, 2015

At online company Squaremouth in St. Petersburg, autonomy for employees is a core value. Prospective employees learn about the company ethos at Squaremouth within seconds of walking in the door. Job interviews are sometimes conducted by having everyone in the company sit down in a circle and ask questions of the candidate. Read the full […]

Business Insider, July 14th 2015 – Here’s what you should do if you get sick while traveling abroad

Published by July 15, 2015

You can compare policies and premiums on sites such as and, which provide links to full policy documents from dozens of carriers and numbers to call licensed agents who can answer questions.Examine policies closely and ask the agent to point out the words are that prove coverage. Be sure to inquire about exclusions for pre-existing conditions […]

NBC news, July 8th 2015 – Passengers Call Cruise Line Booking Rule ‘Ridiculous,’ ‘Unfair’

Published by July 10, 2015

Consider travel insurance A cruise is an investment of money and time and should be protected. Besides providing protection for cancellation, policies also cover interruption and travel delay and worth serious consideration. Purchasing travel insurance isn’t necessary on most cruises until final payment time as there is no risk up until that point. Consult your […]

USA Today, June 22nd 2015 – Should I buy travel insurance?

Published by June 22, 2015

How to Buy Travel Insurance Rates can vary widely. Thankfully, many websites offer easy-to-surf ways to quickly compare coverage and costs. Two of the big ones to check out are and, which are like online travel sites that aggregate a bunch of different options form third parties and leave it up to you […]

Huffington Post, June 15th 2015 – 5 Travel Rip-Offs to Avoid

Published by June 15, 2015

How to avoid it: Depending on your plans, travel insurance may be unnecessary. If it makes sense to opt into the insurance coverage, for example if you’re traveling to a location with limited medical access or if your trip could be affected by a natural disaster, then it’s worth purchasing. But make sure you understand […]

CBS, June 9th 2015 – 3 On Your Side: Insuring Your Trip

Published by June 9, 2015

“For a very inexpensive trip, let’s say a $1000 trip somewhere, you might not want to get travel insurance. Travel insurance is really better for those trips that you cannot afford to lose the value of, for example, a $10,000 cruise,” said George Hobica with Cody’s travel insurance coverage cost him $360 but it […]

U.S. News, June 8th 2015 – 5 Travel Rip-offs to Avoid

Published by June 8, 2015

How to avoid it: Depending on your plans, travel insurance may be unnecessary. If it makes sense to opt into the insurance coverage, for example if you’re traveling to a location with limited medical access or if your trip could be affected by a natural disaster, then it’s worth purchasing. But make sure you understand […]

Huffington Post, June 2nd 2015 – 4 Very Good Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

Published by June 3, 2015

What to avoid: Don’t rely on a tour operator’s or cruise line’s cancellation waiver. It isn’t true insurance; instead, the cruise line or operator agrees to waive its own cancellation penalty. Waivers cover fewer risks, and many limit reimbursement to a credit toward a future booking rather than a cash refund. Similarly, don’t blindly accept […]

CNBC, June 1st 2015 – Check these insurance policies for hurricane prep

Published by June 2, 2015

Terms matter—some policies may kick in only if the hurricane means your flight is canceled or your destination is “uninhabitable,” he said. Look for a cancel-for-any-reason policy, which lets you back out of a trip for pretty much any worry. Costs can range from 4 to 12 percent of the price of your trip, depending […]

CBS, May 23rd 2015 – How Travel Insurance Can End Up Being A Priceless Decision

Published by May 26, 2015

“About 20 percent of people whose trips have been impacted by a medical emergency or other type of emergency had travel insurance,” said Linda Kundell, spokesperson with the U.S. Travel Insurance Association. “That means that 80 percent of those impacted did not.” Web Extra: | | The Travel Insurance Association said there are lots of lesser-known coverage […]

Chicago Tribune, April 14th 2015 – Seniors on the Go: ‘Want the Insurance?’

Published by April 15, 2015

Buying Travel Insurance. As with any kind of insurance, don’t buy before you check out the options. Also know the gotchas — and how to avoid them: Check out third-party options on an insurance comparison website before you buy the supplier’s offering. Among them:,,,,, and Read the full […]

Frommer’s, March 31st 2015 – Is An Exotic Trip In Your Future? Here Are Some Important Health Precautions to Take in Advance of Travel

Published by April 1, 2015

“Consider Evacuation Insurance: In those countries that have substandard medical care and facilities, consider buying a policy that will cover you in the event you have to be “medivacked” out. Such “marketplace” websites as, and allow users to compare insurance policies from a number of legitimate, well-established travel insurance companies.” Read the […]

Chicago Tribune, March 4th 2015 – Avoiding travel insurance gotchas

Published by March 4, 2015

“Because of differences in the fine print, my recommendation is that you compare policies carefully and don’t blindly take whatever your airline, cruise line, or tour operator suggests. Most of the big online travel insurance agencies publish elaborate side-by-side comparisons of different policies, including,,,,, and” Read the full […]

Tampa Bay Times, February 25th 2015 – 3 Daughters bartender wins prize

Published by March 2, 2015

  A server at 3 Daughters Brewing won $10,000 in a competition highlighting local customer service. Squaremouth, the online travel insurance company, sponsored the “Thank You Campaign” that started in December with 20 customer service providers receiving $1,000 each as a tip. From those 20, Melissa Wolf, a 3 Daughters bartender, was chosen to win […]

WTSP 10 News, February 17th 2015 – St. Petersburg server gets big surprise

Published by February 17, 2015

St. Petersburg, Florida — It may not be the Powerball Jackpot but a surprise $10,000 check to one St. Petersburg server will go a long way. Back in December, single mom Melissa Wolf was chosen as an “exceptional service provider” by the travel insurance company Squaremouth. As a surprise, she, as well as 19 other […]

USA Today, February 2nd 2015 – Five myths about travel insurance

Published by February 2, 2015

Coverage for trip cancellation/interruption, travel delays, medical expenses and lost luggage is pretty standard and most travel insurance plans also offer 24/7 travel assistance services that can help travelers with re-booking hotels and flights. The real differences are in the amount of coverage offered. One of the best ways to compare and contrast coverage is […]

Business Observer, January 30th 2015 – Travel Trends

Published by

Chris Harvey’s travel insurance software company Squaremouth is known as a cool place to work in St. Petersburg. With unlimited paid vacation, free flowing beer, and mandatory birthday bonuses that must be spent at a bar or restaurant, Harvey has managed to make what some may assume is a boring industry into something fun. Every […]

WTSP 10 News, December 19th 2014 – Lucky servers get a big tip

Published by December 19, 2014

St. Petersburg, Florida – Local restaurant servers are getting a “Christmas bonus” from certain customers this year. A St. Petersburg travel insurance comparison site called, Squaremouth, is recognizing exceptional customer service and has selected 20 servers to give $1,000 tips this year. 10 News went to lunch with them on Thursday and witnessed one server […]

Business Observer, December 19th 2014 – Holiday spirit in full gear

Published by

Squaremouth, a St. Petersburg-based software firm that compares travel insurance products and prices, is redefining naughty and nice this holiday season. Squaremouth employees compiled a list of 20 customer service employees, people they encounter at local shops and restaurants who are at the top of the field. Each one will receive a thank you note […]

New York Post, November 17th 2014 – Travel insurance: Buy or Pass By?

Published by November 18, 2014

Which policy to buy? Compare them at and Read the fine print, or call the insurer directly, to see what is and isn’t covered. Ask “what if” questions. There are many exclusions and no policy is so ironclad that it will cover any eventuality. The only way to protect yourself from any travel […]

CNBC, October 17th 2014 – Ebola causing some people to change travel plans

Published by October 18, 2014

Calls about travel insurance are also rising. Some people who bought insurance and now want to cancel their trip because of anxiety are finding out that the insurance won’t help, said Megan Singh, marketing manager for, a travel-insurance-comparison website. “That really is canceling out of fear, and it’s not covered by most standard policies,” she […]

Fox Business, October 17th 2014 – Travel agents say most people are sticking with their bookings but a few cancel trips

Published by

Calls about travel insurance are also rising. Some people who bought insurance and now want to cancel their trip because of anxiety are finding out that the insurance won’t help, said Megan Singh, marketing manager for, a travel-insurance-comparison website. “That really is canceling out of fear, and it’s not covered by most standard policies,” […]

Travel + Leisure, October 12th 2014 – How to Survive Holiday Travel

Published by October 12, 2014

Buy travel insurance. From December through February last winter, domestic airlines set a record by canceling a whopping 5 percent of all flights thanks to an unrelenting series of severe storms. Those stranded passengers faced further difficulties finding space on later flights. The lesson? Protect your travels by buying insurance with good trip-delay and cancellation […]

USA Today, October 9th 2014 – Businesses wrestle with insurance in Ebola’s wake

Published by October 10, 2014

Travelers with trip insurance who cancel trips to Ebola-affected areas might not see a payout. Most travel insurance policies pay only if trips are canceled for specific reasons such as death of a traveling companion, weather or an employment layoff, says Megan Singh, spokeswoman for Squaremouth, an online company that evaluates travel insurance products. A […]

Huffington Post, August 7th 2014 – Travel Insurance: Do You Really Need It?

Published by August 8, 2014

How Much Does it Cost? The million dollar question. Of course, the cost of your insurance will depend on both your provider and the policy you choose. At, you will be able to get direct and easy to follow information about all insurance options. They also give you a description for all those confusing […]

Tampa Bay Business Journal, July 25th 2014 – Fast 50: Squaremouth Inc.

Published by July 25, 2014

Chris Harvey, CEO of online travel insurance company Squaremouth, compared his customer base to the dinner crowd at a restaurant. Both require quality service, time and reputation to cultivate. Both depend on word-of-mouth. “People not only come back and use us again and again but they tell their friends,” Harvey said of his customers. Harvey founded […]

LA Times, July 22nd 2014 – Israel: Can you avoid financial penalty if you cancel your trip?

Published by July 23, 2014

Whether travelers can get refunds for, say, a tour if they wish to cancel a trip depends largely on the travel insurance policy, said Megan Singh, marketing manager at SquareMouth, which compares travel insurance policies. Travelers need to have read their policies and understand what constitutes a covered reason that would allow refunds for cancellations, Singh […]

Tampa Bay Business Journal, June 16th 2014 – Companies take home coveted ‘Stevie’ awards for business excellence

Published by June 17, 2014

Tampa-based fast food chain Checkers and Rally’s Restaurants Inc. was the Gold Stevie winner as the Food & Beverage Company of the year. St. Petersburg-based Squaremouth, an online comparison service for travel insurance products, received the Silver Stevie for Customer Service Team of the Year. Read the full article online at:

U.S. News and World Report, June 16th 2014 – Your Travel Insurance Questions Answered

Published by June 16, 2014

Should you decide to purchase travel insurance, you can do so up until 24 hours prior to your departure date. But Elliott warns against buying a plan as an afterthought. He recommends thoroughly researching different providers and types of coverage to determine if a plan is right for you. Websites like and, which allow you to […]

CNBC, May 30th 2014 – Hurricane Season Arrives Just In Time for Vacation Season, and With it, the Question of How to Protect Your Getaway

Published by June 2, 2014

Grant’s advice: avoid buying insurance through the same company selling your tour. “You want to go to a neutral third party and you’ll find a lot of different options on sites like and” Grant advised. Read the full article online at:

Fox Business, May 13th 2014 – Insuring Your Health Abroad

Published by May 14, 2014

(Fox Business, The Willis Report) “There’s some different websites you can go to. There is a website called, there’s, and they’ll do comparison shopping. The problem with that is, you’ve got to assess your needs, you gotta look at what needs you have. So is this going to be an active trip? An […]

Huffington Post, May 4th 2014 – 8 Tips For Less Stressful Travel

Published by May 12, 2014

What about travel insurance? If you’re concerned that you may have to cancel or postpone your trip, then buying travel insurance is a wise move. You’ll often be offered that option when you book your travel. Just be sure to read the fine print so you understand what’s covered and what isn’t. Know that your […]

CNBC, May 4th 2014 – Do You Need Travel Insurance for Your Summer Trip?

Published by May 6, 2014

In fact, it’s best to buy from a neutral third party—as in, not the company that is selling you the travel, or providing it, said Brown. “That way, there’s no chance of a conflict of interest,” she said. Providers’ own policies may cover fewer potential problems, and there’s no chance of payment if they go […]

The Today Show, April 17th 2014 – Best Time to Buy

Published by April 23, 2014

(The Today Show) “If you spent more on a  cruise than you’re willing to lose, book trip insurance, trip interruption insurance. If you get sick on the trip or before, you can get your money back.” See the full video from The Today Show:

The Wall Street Journal, March 30th 2014 – How to Shop for Travel Insurance

Published by April 1, 2014

Comparing plans and rates online is essential; so-called aggregator sites make the job easier. Both, based in Warwick, R.I., and, in St. Petersburg, Fla., allow you to enter details about your travels and compare different policies. Read the full article from The Wall Street Journal at: 

USA Today, March 24th 2014 – Insurance and Cancellations

Published by March 25, 2014

Third-party Insurance Generally the third-party insurance policies are better and here’s why: They tend to be more comprehensive. They cov­er you if your flight is can­celled and you miss a day or two of your cruise va­ca­tion; many even cov­er pre-ex­ist­ing med­ical con­di­tions. Plus they of­fer cash back for can­cel­la­tion (typ­ical­ly up to 75%) as […]

Yahoo Finance, March 18th 2014 – Do You Really Need Travel Insurance?

Published by March 21, 2014

How to Evaluate Providers Give your credit card company a ring to see if it already provides any of these forms of travel insurance. Still need to enroll? Consider reviews, affordability and any exclusions that may apply. You certainly wouldn’t want to spend money on a policy that proves to be useless when you need […]

Frommer’s, March 6th 2014 – A Primer on Travel Insurance: When You Need It (And When You Don’t), Misconceptions About Coverage, and New Trends

Published by

The Greatest Misconception About Travel Insurance The final misconception with travel insurance? That cost equals value. “A lot of people veer away from the cheaper policies because they assume it won’t cover everything, but that’s not always the case,” says Chris Harvey, CEO of the travel insurance clearinghouse “You really need to figure out […]

Huffington Post, March 17th 2014 – Travel Insurance That Can Save Your Life

Published by March 18, 2014

Educate Yourself on Travel Insurance The best place to start educating yourself about travel insurance is with the USTIA (U.S. Travel Insurance Association) website ( Word of advice: Never buy travel insurance from a company that is not a member. The USTIA site also has a number of useful mini-articles on safe travel. And there […]

Huffington Post, March 17th 2014 – What You Should Know About Travel Insurance

Published by March 17, 2014

How do I find a travel insurance policy? An online search for “travel insurance” is likely to pull up a long and confusing list of travel insurance choices, but there are really just three options. BUY DIRECT. Companies sell insurance policies directly to travelers, usually online. The big players are Allianz, CSA, and Travel Guard. […]

Huffington Post, October 25th 2013 – Why Air Passengers Fly With the Flu

Published by October 29, 2013

Precautions travelers can take to protect themselves: Given all the perverse incentives for flying sick, what can a traveler do to protect him/herself? — At least two weeks before you travel make sure your vaccinations (e.g. flu, pneumonia) are up-to-date. — Consider trip cancellation insurance but assess the cost and read the small print. “Trip […]

Fox News, August 26th 2013 – Hurricane season survival guide for cruisers

Published by August 28, 2013

Buy trip insurance or self-insure? Laskin makes this suggestion for individuals who are really worried about the potential for a hurricane or bad storm: “Buy travel insurance that covers for “cancel for any reason,” should you decide at the last minute to squash your cruise plans.” These policies can be pricey, but may be right […]

Forbes, July 8th 2013 – A Travel Insurance Skeptic Changes Her Mind

Published by July 10, 2013

8 Tips From Travel Insurance Experts And now, eight travel insurance buying tips from the pros: 1. Compare policy terms and prices carefully. The websites InsureMyTrip, Squaremouth and TripInsuranceStore are good starting points because they’ll give you quotes from dozens of firms. 2. Purchase coverage from a well-known company. “Avoid buying insurance from a no-name company you found […]

USA Today, June 26th 2013 – Insurance and Cancellations

Published by June 26, 2013

Third-par­ty In­sur­ance Gen­er­al­ly the third-par­ty in­sur­ance poli­cies are bet­ter and here’s why: They tend to be more com­pre­hen­sive. They cov­er you if your flight is can­celled and you miss a day or two of your cruise va­ca­tion; many even cover pre-ex­ist­ing med­ical con­di­tions. Plus they of­fer cash back for can­cel­la­tion (typ­ical­ly up to 75%) as op­posed to […]

The Miami Herald, April 20th 2013 – Is travel insurance a good deal?

Published by April 30, 2013

Where are the best deals? Do some comparison shopping. Try or After asking a few questions (such as age and trip details), each displays a variety of policies and lets you compare them by price and benefits. Expect to pay about 5 percent of your trip cost and as high as 9 percent […]

Fox News, February 28th 2013 – Should senior travelers get extra insurance?

Published by March 1, 2013

You might want to start with a travel insurance comparison site such as Because you’re probably on Medicare, you should know that your medical insurance won’t cover costs abroad. And although I would guess that your insurance premium might be $300-$500 or more per person (depending on the policy’s features) a for a three-week trip […]

NBC, February 22nd 2013 – Family Fights Cruise Refund

Published by February 27, 2013

Additional tips for booking a trip and finding travel insurance: – Travel agent Graham Hird says don’t be afraid to call your trip insurance company, airline or cruise line, and have them spell out their policy in a way that makes sense to you.  It’s important you understand the details. – Websites like and let you compare […]

Forbes, February 13th 2013 – Travel Insurance Aimed at Active Boomers

Published by February 18, 2013

While vacationing in the Swiss Alps last summer Mark L. Welton, chief of colorectal surgery at the Stanford Cancer Center and an advisor to Men’s Health magazine, fell off his mountain bike and broke his collarbone. “I wasn’t doing anything unreasonable,” says the athletic 56-year-old. He had pulled over to let a hiker pass, he […]

MSNBC, February 8th 2013 – The nuts and bolts of travel insurance

Published by February 8, 2013

With Snowstorm Nemo bearing down on the Northeast, USA Today reports that more than 3,700 flights have been canceled ahead of the blizzard. While winter travel above the Mason-Dixon Line can often be a perilous affair, travel insurance is big business year-round. Americans spent nearly $1.8 billion on all types of travel insurance services in 2010, the most […]

Tampa Bay Times, December 24th 2012 – Travel Insurance Tips

Published by January 17, 2013

If you’re spending a lot of money on a trip, consider travel insurance to protect against the unexpected. Key things to know: Typically, travel insurance reimburses you for such things as nonrefundable cruise deposits or airfares — and for the cost of rescheduling flights — when weather, illness, natural disaster or terrorism cause a trip […]

USA Today, October 29th 2012 – Strategies for Storm-Tossed Travelers

Published by October 29, 2012

See the full article from USA Today at: 9:23AM EDT October 29. 2012 – As Hurricane Sandy gains strength and takes aim at a wide swath of the East Coast, the menacing storm has already shredded travel plans from Hawaii to Europe – and options are decidedly limited for those trying to get out of or […]

LA Times, October 28th 2012 – How Travel Insurance Can Be Valuable

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See the full article from the LA Times at:,0,1563779.story If you’re spending a lot of money on a trip, consider buying travel insurance to protect yourself against the unexpected. Key things to know: • Typically, travel insurance reimburses you for such things as nonrefundable cruise deposits or airfares — and for the cost of rescheduling […]

Fox Business, August 14th 2012 – What Happens When You Get Sick Overseas?

Published by August 27, 2012

See the full article from Fox Business at: …according to Chris Harvey, chief executive of travel insurance website, Medicare doesn’t cover most illnesses or injuries that happen abroad. There are two kinds of medical travel insurance: travel medical and medical evacuation. Typically they are sold as package policies and also include trip cancellation and […]

Wall Street Journal, June 30th 2012 – Find Care on Vacation

Published by July 5, 2012

…Some group health plans may cover a medical evacuation, says Susan Pisano, spokeswoman for America’s Health Insurance Plans, a trade group in Washington. One option is to buy travel insurance, which typically runs 5% to 7% of your trip’s total cost. Travel insurance for medical needs is usually offered as part of a package including […]

CBS This Morning, June 15th 2012 – Travel insurance: Everything you need to know

Published by June 15, 2012

(CBS News) From grounded cruise ships, to airline bankruptcies and mergers, to a hurricane season that’s starting early – travel isn’t always smooth sailing. “A very good shopping opportunity…… interrupts the language of the [travel insurance] policies to help you out.” See the full video from CBS This Morning:;lst;1

Travel + Leisure, February 15th 2012 – Sea Sick: T+L Takes on the Norovirus

Published by

One way to hedge against such complications is travel insurance. After years of fielding letters from travelers whose plans were derailed by illness and accidents, I highly recommend buying travel insurance any time you’ve got more money paid for a trip than you want to give up. Sites such as, and sells package policies that will reimburse you […]

Tampa Bay Times, June 3rd 2012 – Travel insurance helps put the what-ifs to bed

Published by June 4, 2012

Harvey says he believes buying too much insurance often happens because of too little comparison shopping by travelers among the insurance policies and their rates. “Travel insurers, like other companies, have target demographics,” he said, and much of this is based on age, so that the same provisions are likely to have different costs for […]

Wall Street Journal, June 1st 2012 – A Student-Travel Cheat Sheet

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Health insurance. Many U.S. health plans offer little or no coverage when you are outside the U.S. or may impose time limits on coverage, so most formal study-abroad programs include a health plan. If your time abroad is more open-ended, you might need to purchase travel insurance or international medical coverage, which generally costs a young […]

Washington Post, May 18th 2012 – Travel insurance FAQ: Buying a policy, filing claims and more

Published by May 21, 2012

Where can I buy insurance? You can also buy through a travel agent or a third-party Web site such as Squaremouth, Travel Insurance Review, TripInsuranceStore.comand Those sites also make it easy to compare policies. See the full article from the Washington Post at:

USA Today Travel, April 23rd 2012 – How to Look for Inexpensive Travel Insurance

Published by April 23, 2012

Use a travel insurance cost comparison website. Sites such as, and let you compare various travel insurance plans based on the type of travel, how much coverage you want and the types of emergencies the insurance will cover. See the full article from USA Today Travel at:

Fox News, April 13th 2012 – Nothing ‘Square’ About These Offices

Published by April 13, 2012

ST. PETERSBURG – One of America’s fastest growing travel insurance companies is headquartered in St. Petersburg. It’s called Squaremouth. And, if you think their name is unusual, you should see their offices. Truth be told, there are no offices at the headquarters. Most of the walls are made of glass, allowing everyone to see everyone […]

FOX Business, February 7th 2012 – What to do When Your Airline Folds

Published by February 15, 2012

…Although travel insurance is useful in many cases, you might be surprised to find airline shutdown isn’t covered. A scan of various plan levels on travel insurance comparison site Squaremouth revealed that only 41 out of 106 offered “financial default” coverage, and those were the most expensive options. See the full article from FOX Business […]

Forbes, September 13th 2011 – Is Travel Insurance Worth The Price?

Published by September 14, 2011

…If you’d rather buy your own policy, several websites make it easy to comparison shop: Squaremouth, InsureMyTrip and QuoteWright. Squaremouth even excerpts relevant policy provisions. These sites, as well as those hosted by the insurance companies, are designed so you can buy online. See the full article from Forbes at:

USA Today, August 26th 2011 – Strategies for storm-tossed travelers

Published by August 26, 2011

As Hurricane Irene continues to churn northward toward an expected Saturday landfall along the North Carolina coast, the massive storm is scrapping weekend beach plans and impacting travelers thousands of miles away. …Check your insurance policy. According to Chris Harvey of the travel insurance comparison site Squaremouth, “if a traveler’s home is rendered uninhabitable by […]

New York Times, August 25th 2011 – Traveler Insurance and the Hurricane

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…“If a traveler’s home is rendered uninhabitable by a hurricane, their travel insurance policy may cover them to cancel their trip or come home early and receive reimbursement,” Chris Harvey, the chief executive of Squaremouth, a Web site that allows vacationers to comparison shop for travel insurance, said in a statement. Some policies also include […]