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Condé Nast, Nov 23 2015 – Will the U.S. Terror Alert Cause Thanksgiving Travel Jitters?

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What if travelers want to change their plans as a result? Airlines aren’t waiving change or cancellation fees, at least according to a random spot check of major airlines, and if the past is any guide, the alert will soon fade from memory (remember those color-code warnings from the TSA?). And travel insurance doesn’t typically cover trip delays or cancellations because of civil unrest or terrorist activity, according toTraveler Ombudsman Eric Jordan, but you can compare coverage on sites such asTripInsuranceStore.com, SquareMouth, or TravelInsurance.com. Just be a smart traveler, as you always are, and exercise caution in public places—open markets, theaters, large sporting events, and public transportation.

Read the full article online here: http://www.cntraveler.com/stories/2015-11-24/will-us-global-alert-cause-thanksgiving-travel-jitters