Daily Mail, June 24 2016 – More US holidaymakers are taking out travel insurance for European trips in the wake of terror attacks (and almost 20% are cancelling continental vacations altogether)

Published by Megan Singh June 27, 2016

The insurance firm, SquareMouth, also witnessed a drop in the popularity of vacations to France and Belgium, among their customers.

This was specifically acute within a month of each of their terror attacks, which calculated to 19% high trip cancellation rate when compared to the prior year.

And those who visited these two destinations were more likely to purchase insurance.

However, trips to Turkey were more likely to be outright cancelled.

The report explained that overall American residents are showing new caution.
While the threat of more terror is not preventing international travel, they are more likely to purchase insurance now if visiting Europe.

Read the full article online here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-3658289/How-Europe-travel-impacted-increase-terror-attacks.html