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Five Ways to Improve Your Travel Insurance Purchase, Advises Squaremouth

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ST PETE BEACH, FL November 7, 2011 – Buying travel insurance may seem like a hassle, but with the help of, a site for comparing and purchasing travel insurance, travelers will feel confident knowing they have made the right travel insurance decision. “Many travelers fall into the trap of buying an expensive travel insurance policy, simply because they think the more expensive the policy, the better the coverage,” says Sarah Byrne, Marketing Manager at Squaremouth. Squaremouth recommends following these five tips to save money while getting the best coverage.

Don’t Over Insure
To prevent over insuring, compile a list of the of the main reasons for purchasing travel insurance. If a traveler knows the coverage they want, they will save money by buying a policy that provides only those benefits. Searching for travel insurance on a comparison search engine will provide travelers more options with better policies for less money.

Look for the “Sweet Spot”
Since travel insurance providers all have an ideal customer in mind, each product is aimed at a different demographic. This explains why some policies are inexpensive but offer better benefits.

“While comparing travel insurance, don’t be concerned that a policy is inferior because of its low price,” says Chris Harvey, CEO of Squaremouth. “This situation is common, and simply means the traveler has hit the ‘Sweet Spot,’ and qualified for the best rate.”

Be Aware of Time Limits on Benefits
Most travel insurance providers offer certain benefits, such as Pre-existing medical coverage, Cancel for Any Reason and Financial Default, that are only available if a traveler purchases a policy within 14-30 days from the first trip payment. However, CSA Travel Protection and HTH Worldwide offer policies that do provide Pre-existing medical coverage up to the day before the last trip payment.

“Our Custom Luxe plan allows travelers to purchase the insurance plan including coverage for Pre-existing conditions up to their final trip payment. Travelers may not consider the need to protect their trip when they first book their travel arrangements, so this gives them the flexibility to purchase without having to compromise on coverage,” says Kathy Townend, Marketing Manager at CSA Travel Protection.

Purchase Only the Minimum Requirements
Each person’s requirements will vary depending on their destination, age or health. If a person is young, healthy and traveling to the Caribbean, the medical requirements will be low. The opposite will apply if a traveler is older or traveling to far away countries.

“Nearly 100 percent of products provide similar cancellation coverage, so if a traveler does not require any other coverage, choose the cheapest product,” says Byrne.

Money Back Guarantee
Most policies offer a money back guarantee that will allow travelers to cancel their policy and receive a refund.

“If they are unhappy, they are not obligated to keep the policy,” says Brendan Sharkey, Director of Individual Products at HTH Worldwide.

Depending on the provider, the guarantee can last for up to 15 days after the purchase date. Most companies will refund the full amount minus an admin fee of around $6 to $8 per policy.

About Squaremouth
Squaremouth is America’s fastest growing travel insurance comparison site, helping customers instantly quote, compare and buy policies from every major carrier. Squaremouth has web sites in the US and UK, and an extensive network of partner sites worldwide. The company is headquartered in St Pete Beach, FL., with offices in Fort Wayne, IN. Visit or

About our Zero Complaint Guarantee
The cornerstone of our commitment to customers is Squaremouth’s guarantee to remove any company from our website if there is a customer complaint that cannot be resolved to our satisfaction. Squaremouth offers the broadest selection of insurance with an emphasis on quality and follow-up care in companies featured. We also factor in independent evaluation from the insurance industry watchdog AM Best.

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