Forbes, July 29 2016 – Finally, The Real Deal On Travel Insurance

Published by Megan Singh July 29, 2016

Where’s the best place to buy it?

“We always tell people, ‘Be very careful if you’re out buying something else that isn’t insurance and you’re suddenly confronted with an insurance decision,’” says Hunter. (This advice also applies when you’re asked if you want an extended warranty at checkout.) Since you likely weren’t already thinking about it, you could be more vulnerable, and the person selling it to you could be motivated by the fact that they’d make money on the commission. So don’t click “yes” to add it on to your trip right away or immediately agree with the travel agent — shop around first and compare quotes. “Probably, you’ll find a much better deal if you go to a third party,” says Hunter. Sites like, and are good places to begin comparing.

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