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Forbes, May 20 2020 – Why You Need Travel Insurance For Your Next Trip

Forbes, May 20 2020 – Why You Need Travel Insurance For Your Next Trip

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Need travel insurance for your next trip? Consider a “cancel for any reason” policy

If you’re looking for a sure thing, you can spend more for a cancel for any reason policy. I wrote about these policies and how you can use it after the pandemic in a recent story.

“Travel insurance has a long list of covered reasons for trip cancellation, but coronavirus-related concerns would not be one of them,” explains Damian Tysdal, host of the Safe Travels podcast. “A cancel for any reason policy lets you cancel your trip up until 48 hours before departure, for any reason, and get up to 75% of your trip expenses reimbursed.”

A cancel for any reason policy is particularly important if there’s another coronavirus outbreak.

“Many of the unprecedented impacts on travel related to COVID-19 are not covered by standard insurance policies, like stay at home orders and border closures,” warns Kasara Barto, a spokeswoman for Squaremouth.com. “The best cancellation option during this time of uncertainty around travel is still a cancel for any reason policy.”

Bottom line: You need travel insurance even if you’re just taking a road trip this summer. The right policy can protect you from losses that result after natural disasters, accidents and medical problems.

Read the full Forbes article online here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/christopherelliott/2020/05/20/why-you-need-travel-insurance-for-your-next-trip/#1aeb7d3235cc