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Fox Business, August 14th 2012 – What Happens When You Get Sick Overseas?

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…according to Chris Harvey, chief executive of travel insurance website SquareMouth.com, Medicare doesn’t cover most illnesses or injuries that happen abroad.

There are two kinds of medical travel insurance: travel medical and medical evacuation. Typically they are sold as package policies and also include trip cancellation and trip interruptions. Travel medical insurance generally covers medical bills up to a certain amount while medical evacuation picks up the tab if you need to be transported from a hospital, removed from a cruise or evacuated from an emergency situation.

Keep in mind that most policies have a pre-existing condition exclusion which means you won’t be covered for any injury, disease or illness present prior to the effective date of the insurance, warns Corliss. You can purchase additional insurance to cover pre-existing conditions.

According to Harvey, a medical evacuation can cost around $40,000, but he says many travelers make the mistake of taking out too much medical evacuation coverage, which drives up the price of the insurance.

“If you are looking to pay extra for medical evacuation above $250,000, it’s not a good use of your cash,” he says, adding that for the medical portion of it anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 in coverage is sufficient.”