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Glassdoor, Aug 2 2018 – How to Use Group Interviews to Determine Culture Fit

Glassdoor, Aug 2 2018 – How to Use Group Interviews to Determine Culture Fit

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Travel insurance comparison website Squaremouth makes a bold claim on what they look for in new employees. “A culture fit is just as important, if not more, that a candidate’s experience,” says Megan Moncrief, director of sales and marketing at the company. For an organization that “operates more like a family than a company,” finding a personality that suits the rest of the office is paramount. Squaremouth transfers its collaborative work environment to its hiring process by using group interviews to determine culture fit.

Group interviews at Squaremouth vary in size, “ranging from additional managers to the entire office” according to Moncrief. Before interviews, employees manually evaluate each application they receive, which includes a questionnaire covering everything from professional experience to personality traits. Participants are encouraged to prepare questions specific to the person. “We try to truly get to the know the candidate with creative and sometimes, unusual, questions,” Moncrief says.

Employees present at interviews often come from various departments in Squaremouth given the company’s emphasis on teamwork. “Most positions will end up working with various different departments here. For this reason, we think everyone should have a say in the hire,” Moncrief explains. The group setting is also an opportunity for a candidate to evaluate their potential colleagues, allowing them to experience firsthand the unique work environment of Squaremouth. According to Moncrief, “Just as we learn more about the candidate, they should leave with a more accurate and well-rounded view of us.”

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