Holiday Travel Hacks: Squaremouth Explains How to Avoid Holiday Travel Headaches

Published by Carolyn Leckie December 21, 2016

ST PETERSBURG FL December 21, 2016 — A record-breaking number of Americans are expected to travel during the year-end holiday season. Squaremouth, America’s fastest-growing travel insurance comparison site, shares four hacks travelers can use to make sure their holiday travel goes smoothly.

Get paid meals and hotel if you’re delayed
Most travel insurance policies will cover your necessary expenses, including meals and accommodations, when your flight is delayed. These benefits kick in as early as three hours into a delay on some policies. Squaremouth recommends looking for a policy with a shorter delay requirement to maximize your coverage.

Make your wait more comfortable
Travel insurance can cover more than just the necessary expenses when you’re delayed. Some policies also cover fees to use the airport internet, or even the cost to access the club lounge for your airline.

Catch up to your trip if you’re left behind
If your delayed flight causes you to miss a connecting flight, travel insurance can help you catch up to your trip. The limit for this benefit can range from a few hundred dollars to over $2,000. If you’re cruising or traveling somewhere remote, Squaremouth recommends looking for a policy with a higher amount of Missed Connection coverage.

Get all your money back if you can’t go
Even the best laid plans can go astray. Whether you come down with a bad case of the flu or your flight is canceled due to a bad winter storm, travel insurance policies with the Trip Cancellation benefit can reimburse all of your trip expenses if you are unable to make your trip for a covered reason.

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