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Holiday Travel: Rain or Snow, Squaremouth Explains Travel Insurance Coverage

Holiday Travel: Rain or Snow, Squaremouth Explains Travel Insurance Coverage

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ST PETERSBURG, FL December 21, 2015 — Holiday travelers will have to worry about more than just blizzards affecting their travel plans this year. While snowstorms are still possible for some, many states will be experiencing a wet Christmas, with the potential for heavy rain and flash flooding. Squaremouth, a leading travel insurance comparison website, explains what travelers should know about travel insurance coverage if this holiday’s unusual weather impacts their trip.

Travel Delays Due to Inclement Weather Are Covered
Trip cancellation policies include coverage for delayed flights due to inclement weather. However, the length of the delay will determine what benefit travelers are eligible for. Typically if a flight is canceled or delayed by at least 24-48 hours, travel insurance will reimburse travelers for their lost trip expenses. For shorter delays, many policies include the Travel Delay benefit, which reimburses expenses, such as meals and accommodations, incurred during a delay of six or more hours.

For those driving to their holiday destination, coverage for travel delays is more limited. Some policies will provide coverage if inclement weather results in the obstruction of public roadways and prevents a traveler from reaching their destination. The Travel Delay benefit may cover additional expenses incurred if road closures cause delays of six or more hours, but many policies only include this coverage if these delays occur while driving to their point of departure, such as an airport.

Rainy Christmas Forecast Highlights Additional Benefits
Many travel insurance policies include coverage to cancel a trip if the traveler’s accommodations at their destination are rendered uninhabitable by flooding or other weather-related damage. What many travelers may not realize is that travel insurance may also provide coverage for problems at home that affect their travel plans.

“Some travel insurance policies will also provide Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption coverage for flooding that occurs at home,” said Squaremouth Product Manager Adam Rusin. “If you need to cancel or cut short your trip due to the flooding of your own home, you may be able to receive reimbursement for those lost trip expenses.”

Timing Matters for Severe Storm Coverage
Those with holiday travel plans may not want to wait until the last minute to purchase travel insurance if they are concerned about severe winter storms. A policy will not provide coverage for a winter storm if it is bought after the storm is named or considered a known event.

“This holiday season there may be more than just blizzards affecting travel,” said Squaremouth CEO Chris Harvey. “Travel insurance can provide coverage for travelers concerned about delays or cancellations, regardless of whether it rains or snows.”

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