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How Having a Good Time Can Be Bad for Travel Insurance, Warns

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL June 18, 2012 – As summer travelers are ordering an extra drink or participating in a cruise excursion they may be voiding their travel insurance policy, warns travel insurance comparison site Squaremouth.

“Losses caused by intoxication or extreme sports are often excluded from travel insurance coverage,” says Squaremouth Marketing Manager Anna Coats. “Travelers should be aware of these restrictions because they are more likely to participate in riskier activities while on vacation.”

Most policies exclude activities such as bungee jumping, skydiving, and hang gliding. So if a traveler breaks his leg while jumping out of a plane, travel insurance probably won’t cover the medical costs.

While some travelers may not be surprised by these restrictions, they may be shocked to learn that calmer activities, such as parasailing or scuba diving, can also be excluded from coverage.

“Travelers can review the ‘General Exclusions’ section of the policy certificate to learn exactly which sports are excluded,” explains Squaremouth CEO Chris Harvey. “Those who want medical benefits for an extreme activity should purchase a policy with hazardous sports coverage, which reimburses travelers for medical evacuation and treatment expenses.”

However, unlike the hazardous sports benefit, travelers cannot purchase coverage to protect against losses resulting from alcohol.

“Alcohol impairs judgment and bodily coordination, therefore any accident or loss that occurs as a result of being impaired by alcohol will be subject to the plan exclusion,” explains Travelex Communications and Training Coordinator Meghan Francis.

Francis advises that travelers should maintain responsibility while on vacation. “Take every precaution that would be taken if you were back at your home,” she warns.

While travel insurance providers will not always know if travelers are under the influence when an injury occurs, they do require documentation to file a claim. A police report or medical record could alert a provider if alcohol is involved, which could result in a denial.

“We want travelers to have fun on their trips, but we also want them stay within their coverage limits,” says Coats.

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