Italy Earthquake: Squaremouth Explains What Travelers Need to Know About Travel Insurance Coverage

Published by Carolyn Leckie August 24, 2016

ST. PETERSBURG, FL August 24, 2016 — Following the 6.2 magnitude earthquake in Central Italy, Squaremouth, a travel insurance comparison site, has established the Italy Earthquake and Travel Insurance Information Center to answer questions and explain coverage for travelers affected by the earthquake.

Travelers who had a policy in place before the earthquake occurred may be eligible for coverage if they are affected by the earthquake. Unfortunately, it is now too late for travelers to purchase new policies with coverage for the earthquake.

Travelers Currently in Italy
All travel insurance policies include 24-hour emergency assistance to help affected travelers and answer questions about their coverage. Most policies include Emergency Medical and Medical Evacuation coverage for travelers injured in the earthquake.

Travelers may be covered to cut their trip short and receive reimbursement for their unused, prepaid and nonrefundable expenses if their hotel is rendered uninhabitable by the earthquake or they meet their policy’s other Trip Interruption requirements.

Travelers With an Upcoming Trip to Italy
Travelers with an upcoming trip planned to Italy may be covered to cancel if their flights are significantly delayed or their accommodations are uninhabitable due to the earthquake.

“Unfortunately, an earthquake alone is not a covered reason to cancel a trip on standard travel insurance,” said Squaremouth spokesperson Rachael Taft. “Travelers whose trips are directly affected by the earthquake — their hotel is destroyed or their flights are significantly delayed — may be covered to cancel their trip.”

Travelers who do not meet their policy’s cancellation requirements would not be able to cancel their trip unless they have the Cancel For Any Reason upgrade. Travelers must cancel at least 2-3 days before their departure date and will only be reimbursed up to 75% of the trip cost.

Visit Squaremouth’s Italy Earthquake and Travel Insurance Information Center for regularly updated information about travel insurance coverage for the earthquake in Central Italy, including fact sheets, FAQs, provider position statements, and more.

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